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Kenny or molly?

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What if episode 5 comes down to 2 of the favorite characters? You have to choose to save kenny or molly. This would make a much harder question on who to choose and a sadder ending.
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  • But Molly has gone...
  • Willzy123;711222 said:
    But Molly has gone...
    she has been confirmed for episode 5.
  • Fuck Kenny. Just die. I don't care. He's worse than Lilly AND Larry. Katjaa must have killed herself both to be with her son AND to get away from him.
  • Luigi01080;711223 said:
    she has been confirmed for episode 5.
    She has? Show me the link i would assume she is though.
  • KingOfTheDead;711235 said:
    She has? Show me the link i would assume she is though.
    I don't think she has been confirmed. She just isn't dead.
  • Yeah i know Gary Whitta said this on some other thread.
  • Honestly Molly handles herself better than anybody else so far and Kenny has had a few close calls. As much as I like Molly, 1) she can handle herself and 2) Kenny's my guy. So yeah, I'd go for Kenny.
  • Lee? Save Kenny? After he left me dead for, oh, maybe 2 times?

  • Despite the animosity between us because of the Larry decision, which determined our friendship and not all the other things I've done, Kenny is still my Lee's friend. He won't give up on me, even when bit and is still coming with me to save Clementine. I've been with him almost since this entire thing started. We've had our ups and downs, but I'm not going to let him die. Friends have rough patches. Molly is a great survivor, and she's certainly much more capable than any one else in the game, but I won't sacrifice Kenny to save her.
  • Since Kenny's saved my life 3 times now, I'd have to choose him. He and Lee have been together since this thing started, and have had each others' backs the entire way in my game. He hasn't let me down once. Of course, saving him might also be seen as cruel because his family is dead, and he is basically dead on the inside as well. So maybe I'd choose Molly just so Kenny won't have to keep suffering...
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