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What is the best Lee for you to play?

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What is the best Lee for you to play in TWD Game?

Scumbag Lee
Kind Lee
Still Has Humanity Left In Him-Lee
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  • Or best yet, ambivalent lee... watch everyone freak out as you do as little as possible to help anyone or to say anything to anyone. timed events? let them run out.
  • Nice Lee. Not only do I feel good playing him, but I think how his story progresses adds a lot more emotional weight. Just being a douchebag is pretty straightforward, but seeing good guy Lee make certain controversial choices adds a bit more mystery to the "whys" of his choices. Like why still defend Ben when he is a screw-up? Why refuse to take the supplies from the car when you weigh the options in mind? Why refuse to kill the girl in episode 1 but offer to mercy kill the two people in episode 3? It makes for a more complex character IMO and for some great emotional payoffs seeing people respect you for being a good person than hating the jerk you can be.
  • A Lee who is optimistic,kind and still has first,who then becomes more pragmatic over time,who thinks more about the survival of the group instead of doing the "good" thing.
  • Kind Lee with bad-ass attittude
  • distortion;711092 said:
    What's the difference between kind and still has humanity? In my main game I've been trying to make as many good decisions as possible. I tried to help Larry, I saved Ben, I got everyone to help me find Clementine, I chose to take the gun from Kenny and shoot both Duck and the boy in the attic, and so on. I've played through another time making as many mean-spirited decisions as I could, which funnily enough means Kenny likes me a lot more in the second game than in the first.
    I don't agree, Kenny likes the survival Lee- as that's the Lee I played and my Lee and Kenny were best friends. My Lee was good to Clementine, however he did what he had to to survive.
  • Father-figure/Merciful/Still-hanging-onto-humanity Lee
  • Zeruis;711156 said:
    My Lee: One that still has hope left. The world won't stay in hell forever.
    Me too, I loved playing where I choose the options. Made me feel that it was me that was experiencing the ZA. :)
  • Play as Your Lee. Just do whatever you would do in the situations that arise, and you will enjoy the experience much more.
  • SilentmanX;732151 said:
    Kind Lee with bad-ass attittude
    This...aswell as my post.
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