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Kenny or molly?

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What if episode 5 comes down to 2 of the favorite characters? You have to choose to save kenny or molly. This would make a much harder question on who to choose and a sadder ending.
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  • I think there would be a very 50/50 split on this kind of decision. Molly is clearly an excellent survivalist and will help you with such matters but regardless of whether you have a good or bad relationship with Kenny, he is your bro. You've been with him since the start, asshole or bff's it's gotta count for something. They've been through so much together than Lee and Molly.

    So even after telling him to go fuck himself when he questioned helping me find Clementine at the end of episode four, I will still save him if I have the opportunity in episode 5 over Molly.

    What's really interesting is that if you say to him 'Kenny, I NEED you.' He'll tell you to fuck off in a sense, but at the same time, he'll have the boat ready for Lee and will take him. Even though he's bit.

    True bros.
  • Depends. Would the character you save be in season 2? With TT, I think not. Oh well. Kenny is the closest thing in the apocalypse that Lee looks to as a sort of "friend". These two have been through too much with each other, starting from Hershel's farm. Anyone remember that? Sure the two have been back-stabbing each other (at least in my save), but Kenny has had his shares of joy and sorrow with Lee. I love the development between these two characters.

    Molly? The only good thing about episode 4. This new character seems like she could be the "Michonne" of the game. Many people treat her as a rehash of Carley, but I feel like she is a completely different developed character, with her dark past while in Crawford. Who doesn't like her combat skills?

    If it were to come down to a choice, it would have to be Kenny after a difficult decision.
  • if molly appeared out of nowhere, and then kenny and molly both needed help at the same time i would save kenny for sure, but if molly did some more things that would make me like her before they needed help (like showing some genuine concern for Clementine or a need for some serious revenge) it would be more 50/50 as to who i save
  • Save Molly. Can't exactly procreate with Kenny.
  • Bros before hoes...
  • Frumentarii;711483 said:
    Bros before hoes...
  • I would save Molly. Kenny has let me down so many times its clear Molly would be a better friend and keeper of Clementine. I wouldn't mind her raising Clem after Lee is gone.
  • I would probably go for Kenny. In my save, he and Lee don't see eye to eye on a lot of things, but in the end, he's still sticking around to help out. And he seemed saddened when he found out about Lee's bite, so that tells me he still sees Lee as a friend, if not a good one.

    Molly didn't stick around. She just bolted off to do her own thing.
  • wow this poll's results are CLOSE (22:22 at the time of this post)
  • Wow. I was really thinking it over carefully and my final result was Kenny. Sorry Molly, But I still love you! <3
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