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Some Game's Mini Mistakes??

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Hey Walking Dead Game fans !!! This is my first thread here..

I won't talk too much cuz the topic is just silly :) I just wonder about some game's tiny mistakes for example in Ep 2 it said, at the beginning, that its three months later, why Kenny's/Lee's beard didn't grow :D ?? Also other men like Doug?? Its impossible that they could have a shaver or something like that ! :confused:

My point is I just would like from the staff to take care of those details next time :)
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  • Lees beard does grow if you look closely.
    @warp zx
    In the trashcan in the back of the motels and uses salvaged tissue or leaves
  • Warp zx;709853 said:
    I know I must be strange in thinking this. but I always wonder how they go to the bathroom. The plumbing probably doesn't work, so...
    The hole :D
  • Hmm.

    Episode 2: Lee does not grow any facial hair.
    -Timespan: 3 months after episode 1

    Episode 3: Lee grows more facial hair.
    -Timespan: 1 week after episode 2.

    Huh. I don't really think it's a big problem...
  • in episode 4 did anyone notice in the school hall the shell casing you could "climb".. i laughed
  • WHO THE FCK CARES ABOUT FACIAL HEAR ?!?!!? Sorry for my caps lock :D
  • owner070;710326 said:
    WHO THE FCK CARES ABOUT FACIAL HEAR ?!?!!? Sorry for my caps lock :D
    Lol, I though you were gonna be some overly angry forumist but then I just started laughing at the 'Sorry for my caps lock :D' hahaha, im still laughing for some reason XD
  • "hello? Telltale? I want to report a bug, my Doug/Carley got shot in the head."
  • Ghositex;710414 said:
    "hello? Telltale? I want to report a bug, my Doug/Carley got shot in the head."
    Aha :L me too actually XD nice one :)
  • I've had a few questions. For the most part it just seems like the writers and level designers arn't communicating enough. Or the designers just arn't thinking it through. Spoilers ahead, but here goes, in no particular order:

    How was that train track still functional in Ep.3 when the tank must've certainly landed on it before tilting aside?

    Near the start of Ep.3, how did Lee and Lilly not have any clue that bandits were rounding up the rest of the group? Ben, the watchman, who was sitting outside their door, must not have let off a peep.

    At the end of Ep.4, how could Lee not have possibly thought to walk wide of the walkie-talkie? Or at least nudge the board with his foot first? He's been swimming in survival at the deep end for no less than 3 months.

    Ep.1. Using a pillow to dampen the sound of a pistol shot with that little distance from the other zombies? Really? Really devs?

    When pushing the tractor in Ep.2. Too many things weird with this one. Why did the bandits not try and flank you with all the time and people they had? Why did the bandits instantly give up like they couldn't follow when Lee and Mark got through the gate (which was clearly unelectrified)?

    Also in EP.2s tractor scene, the zombies blocking the tractor were said to have been pushed off the fence by you or Mark. But the zombies are lying too far from teh fence for corpses that had only collapsed. Furthermore, neither of those two zombies show any signs of burns, unlike the completely burnt ones the player removes personally.

    Near the beginning of Ep.3, how did so many walkers miss the bandits just to attack us first?

    Those are all the confusions I can think of for the moment. But finally, not a mistake, but food for thought. Complete the following sentence:

    "Chuck used those same scissors to trim his _____."
  • trd84;709754 said:
    I don't think it would be that hard to find things to keep facial hair cut. an electrical shaver isn't the only way to do it.
    But if there is an apocalypse nobody cares about how his facial hair looks like, they will only care about survival :/
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