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Two major Game-Breaking bug in a matter of days

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So I wanted to go through the Walking Dead game again making different choices from what I already made. I pressed New Game only for it to say that it will overwrite everything and it ends up doing it. I panicked and exited out of the game and came back only to see that I was back to Episode 1. But to be honest I wasn't too mad because I could go back through the game and make a couple of different decisions because during my first playthrough after I would finish an episode I would think about my decisions and there were a few that made me say "You know, if it was me, I wouldn't have done that, instead I would do this..." So I merrily hopped back in and played through the entire game again in the span of 4 days. Well GUESS what. Today I decided to copy my save file to the second slot so in that slot I can see what happens if I had chosen differently in a couple of occasions. Well after I was done doing that I deleted that save and went back to my original save file. I looked through the stats for all four episodes for one final time before the final episode is released. Guess what- the game had actually CHANGED some of my choices. Yeah, that's right-in the game it said that *SPOILERS* I did things like leaving David to die in episode 2, fighting Kenny in episode 3, and dropping Ben and hiding the bite in episode 4. I NEVER DID ANY OF THOSE THINGS. This I simply cannot stand for and it saddens me that one of my favorite games this year has been ruined because of two major game-breaking bugs. I will go back through and play the game YET AGAIN *ugh* simply because I want to see the conclusion after playing the first 4 episodes. But Telltale I would just like to know-WHY?
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  • No replies? :( I guess I'm the only one with the second game-breaking bug occuring. I'm really not lying about this-the game changed my decisions.
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    This issue may be related to the stickied xbox save slot problem. Please make sure you are always exiting the game through the Main menu to avoid experiencing this problem. If you are already affected, there is also a workaround posted. We have submitted a title update patch for this issue, however, so when that is available, you should be able to play through all 4 episodes without issue. I do apologize for the problems you've experienced to this point. I would recommend holding off on replaying all 4 episodes until the title update is available. I will be updating the sticky thread at that time to alert everyone.
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