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That Guy With The Glasses Thread

posted by ryannumber1gamer on - last edited - Viewed by 17.4K users
This is a thread to one of the most funniest reviewers and actors on the internet . The Nostalgia Critic played by Doug Walker. The Nostalgia Critic has given such wonderful jokes such as A BAT CREDIT CARD, or TIMING!, and such good videos and reviews such Casper,Top 11s,Batman & Robin,Old vs New Batman and i'm sure people remember his fight with the Nerd (another very funny reviewer on the internet) So anyway go ahead and talk about anything about The Nostalgia Critic. You can even talk about other people such as AVGN,Linkara,The Nostalgia Chick,Bum Reviews.

My question is what is your favorite Nostalgia Critic episode?

Mine is a tie between Top 11 Simpsons episodes,Top 11 Batman episodes,Junior,Batman & Robin, and Old vs New Batman vs The Dark Knight but if i had to pick i would say ether Junior or Top 11 Simpsons episodes.
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  • StrongBrush1;711343 said:
    Why all the hate? I thought it was really funny.
    Some of us didn't. With something this low brow, it gets a bit hard to just say no it's bad and you're wrong. It doesn't work that way, but I'll tell you what I didn't like.

    I'm not a fan of direct parodies that just take plot elements and toss them together and go ho ho ho that's funny. Demo Reel is the equivalent of a Epic Movie or Meet the Spartans that Doug Walker himself would look down on.

    Hey, let's spoof Ghostbusters and throw in ghosts from a bunch of movies we all know. That would be funny. Hey, let's spoof that hit Batman flick. With no comedic thought put into it whatsoever.

    This is the basest, lowest, least clever attempt at comedy I could have imagined would come from Walker and I just...can't....laugh at that.

    Oh, and the people around Walker aren't likable. Then again, that's not exactly a new thing.
  • I didn't watch much of it because I don't have time, but it looked like it was spoofing those horrible types of movies. So... it was like a spoof of a spoof.

    I didn't find it particularly funny, but then again, I just skipped through it to see what it was like later on, so I may have messed up all the timing.
  • ryannumber1gamer;695745 said:
    Hey did any one ever want to watch NC review Matilda?!? Well he still has not reviewed it but we got the next best thing which is the Nostalgia Chick reviewing it! :).....With a cameo from NC where we will see how people stopped him from reviewing it!
    Okay, that was good. Thoroughly enjoyed that review, especially the Mara Wilson cameo. And I loved that "Fine, I won't review Matilda! How about I do a Let's Play of Bart's Nightmare instead?" Whoops! :p

    EDIT: Oh and Demo Reel...kinda hard to judge just now. Seems kinda weird. But it did teach me how to do a great Bane impression!
  • Time for some TGWTG updates

    Doug & Rob's new show Sibling Rivalary where they discuss movies:

    New Demo Reel episodes including a short where Doug annoyings Rob Paulson :D

    Also Disneycember is back! This time with Pixar movies!!!
  • I like Sibling Rivalry, still unsure about Demo Reel, and yay for DisneyCember.

    However, I do hope that the thing with Rob Paulson was scripted.
  • Guess who's back. Go ahead, guess.
  • Does that mean NC reviews are back?
  • Ugh. Better than Demo Reel, I guess.
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