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[TWD] 360 saves corrupted

posted by Shinuzi on - last edited - Viewed by 2K users
First off, I want to say that I have felt extremely let down in terms of support. I am extremely dissatisfied with the lack of any communication between me and Telltale "support"

Now the actual problem. My 360 saves are corrupted. My saves no longer have my choices. They all recommend restarting at the first episode with random choices, even though I have beat every episode besides 4.

I don't know how many issues there are with 360 customers. But seeing a stickied thread for just PS3 Users and their save corruption, and that Telltale is communicating ONLY with Sony, infuriates me. This isn't just a PS3 issue, and I feel Telltale is handling all these problems with the poorest of customer service.

Please delete my other thread. I do not believe Telltale will look at it because I didn't put TWD in brackets for the title.
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  • Any news MattP?
  • This is so frustrating. I don't want to have to play through episode 4 in one sitting so I don't have to worry about losing my save game randomly, but then I'm also concerned that if there's a glitch with the saved games that I might start episode 5 and have it think I never played 4!
  • I am still waiting for this patch. This is getting ridiculous TellTale.
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    The Title Update has been confirmed available since Saturday morning. I apologize for the delay. When you launch the Walking Dead, you should now be prompted to download the update.
  • I just started up the walking dead and it's now working. Thank you Matt for your help. I am still a bit irritated it took this long though.
  • Well. I played about half way through episode 4 last night, I was getting tired so I turned off my 360 and went to bed (I paused the game turned off my 360 to be specific) now this morning I went to play it, I chose episode 4 and continue. Then it decided to start me all the way at episode one without any warning. Am I screwed now?

    This is getting ridiculous telltale, I've said that before but this is just stupid. If nothing can be done about my issue now, I would like some sort of compensation. This is just beyond my comprehension anymore.
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    If you load your save, tab to Ep 4 and select rewind, do you have checkpoints available? If not, another user posted that copying your save from slot 1 to 3, then selecting the original slot 1 save, tabbing to Ep 4 and pressing Play also resumed their progress from where they left off.

    We are however looking into this issue. Currently we are trying to reproduce it, and hopefully can find a solution soon.
  • Well, I was happy to hear about the patch, and a couple days ago, I loaded up the game and downloaded the patch. I once again had a little trouble starting Episode 4, because it kept trying to start me with Episode 1. But after restarting my 360, it finally let me start 4, with the previously that again contained the scenes I remember from 1-3.

    I played just a little bit, until the first time I noticed a save icon, just as you get to the house and shut the gate. I didn't want to waste my time playing halfway through again just to have it delete my save. The next day, I started up the game again, and was pleasantly surprised to find that selecting "Continue" actually did continue my game where I left off. This time I played a little bit farther, ending at the arrival at the docks. However today, when I went to start my game, I hit "continue" and it showed me the opening credits of Episode 1 again. AGAIN! I don't get it!

    And the problem is that as soon as this glitch occurs, it wipes your save of Episode 4 completely, so now when I start my game, it says I'm in episode 1. Sure, I can RB over to Episode 4, but it keeps starting me at Episode 1 regardless. And there's no option for rewind, since as far as the game is concerned, I haven't played Episode 4. I'm on Episode 1. I'm sure I could eventually get it to start Episode 4 at the beginning again. I have before. But I just don't have 3 or 4 hours or whatever it will take to play through the entire Episode in one sitting. I need to be able to play it in my own time.

    As much as I'm enjoying this game, I really don't think I have it in me to play through the first half of Episode 4 for a fourth or fifth time. At least not until I know that this bug has been well and truly fixed and I'm not going to be wasting my time.
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    We are looking into this issue and hope to find a solution quickly.

    However, can you please try something for me? If you select the save you wish to play, then select the last Episode you played (would be Episode 4) on that save and hit Play, the game should start you at the beginning of Episode 4. Once there, exit to the Main Menu, and tab back over to Episode 4 and the Continue button should be available. Also, if you select Rewind, you should see all the available checkpoints, up to where you last left off. Try to load Episode 4 and you should start where you last left off.
  • Hi Guys,

    i have a similar problem with my xbox 360 [Europe]

    Me and 2 friends use all three save games and we made almost different decisions (Doug or Carley, fate of Ben , show or hide the bite).

    Yesterday i wanted to start episode 5 (with my own save game) but all 3 save games are muddled. I check the stats and i notice that every decision we made are spread on all 3 save games. that means that i can't start my own save game with 100% of my decisions!
    Also the game tell me that save game nr. 3 didnt finish episode 4, but that is totaly wrong!

    I hope you understand my problem and sorry for spelling or grammar-mistakes

    greetings from germany !
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