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Katjaa shot herself..

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.. or did Kenny shoot her?
Did Katjaa have a gun? I didnt see her with one. Kenny never actually.said Katjaa killed herself, did he?
Did Kenny blame her for Duck being bitten and deside his wife was a liability since she wasnt needed to watch Duck anylonger?
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  • I doubt Kenny would shoot his own wife, even if she was a liability. She did her best to protect Duck, but she failed, and I doubt he would blame her for that because he wasn't there to protect Duck either.

    Thing is, if you say that Katjaa should be the one to kill Duck, she goes into the woods by herself while Kenny stays back with Lee, and she still shoots herself. So I think it's safe to say she did it.
  • Ahh
    In my playthru I told em Id do it. I figured they all went to the woods anyway.
  • On my playthrough, Kenny stayed with me, so no, Kenny didn't shoot her....
  • Willzy123;712608 said:
    On my playthrough, Kenny stayed with me, so no, Kenny didn't shoot her....
    But for argumentative sake it could have been duck who killed Kat, either way it goes down he is with her til the end.:p But for real real it was too much for a mom/any parent to take and figured she was done. Can't blame her but she's very selfish...she shoulda took kenny out, then duck, then herself. she pretty much fucked duck over so that his last moments of actual life are his mom offing herself and Lee or his dad standing over him with a gun...I pray for his lil digital soul;)
  • No if you ask what happened when you hear the shot after they go into the forest, Kenny says that she couldn't take it anymore and she just just just and he couldn't say the last word that she killed herself because she couldn't live in a world without duck. If you recall before that when Kenny and Katjaa were discussing what to do and Kenny is talking about a chance that Duck might not die and become a walker,Katjaa says(I'm paraphrasing) that she loves duck more than life it's self and that he is talking complete bs if he truly believes duck won't come back. This statement is basically foreshadowing her suicide since she states that she loves duck more than life and basically without him life would no longer be worth continuing which is kind of sad because she does have a husband but you get the point! Hope this helped! :D
  • She shot herself.

    She went into the woods alone with Duck and then there was a gunshot.

    (One of my games)
  • Lilly followed the group and took the shot that killed Katjaa, just as she began to pull out her handgun. The windspeed, direction, temperature, humidity, density of wildlife, and alignment of the planets all came together to make Katjaa and the gun fall in a way that would seem as if she shot herself. Only Duck knows what really happened, but Lee sent him on his way soon after.
  • I think Telltale essentially screwed up by not leaving it ambiguous. It's far more interesting to have the question of "Did Kenny kill Katjaa?" hovering amongst the group than what actually happened.
  • My one thing with ducks death was i never really seen him get bit. am i the only one?
  • She carries a gun. Around the start of chapter 3 you can have a conversation with her and Kenny about whether or not it's necessary for everyone (kids excluded) to be carrying guns around. I'm not sure if it's stated in the conversation that she actually carries a gun at all times, but it's definitely safe to assume that she does.

    If you're wondering why you never see it on her waist, it's probably because she stuck it up her butt just like Lee did with the blowtorch at the end of chapter 3 (or any item that Lee's ever picked up for that matter). :p
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