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Can't get iron bar

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Lucius hasn't left the barrel with iron bars in it behind the tavern. I've done everything up to this point, including putting the shoe on Maude. The hint system is still telling me to do that though. The game seems stuck. Any suggestions?

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  • Welcome to the forum, Melly. :)

    I saw your post on GameBoomers before I saw this one, so I responded there too... please email me your saved game from this point and I'll play around with it for you. If it is indeed a glitch, I'll try to send you back a save just past this point.
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    Thanks, Emily. To whom shall I send the email?
  • Hi Melly!

    I just responded to your other email - didn't realize my email address was not public on GameBoomers. You can send it to the address I replied from.
  • Melly - check your email. I just sent you a save game that will bypass the problem.

    If anyone else runs into this problem, I've attached a save that will help you out. Just drop it into your Cow Race folder and load it up. Talk to Euclid about the Mystery Cow, and you'll be all set.

    EDIT: The forum won't let me attach the file for some odd reason. If anyone needs it, just post here and I'll email it to you.
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