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Can you survive a zombie apocalypse?

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as you've seen in TWD its hard

I could survive if I had a silent gun and a sword.
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  • i think i have the potential to survive, but it wouldn't make a good story i would mainly just hide in places zombies couldn't get to and move by using rooftops (terrace housing in my area makes this quite possible), the only drama in that story would be internal thought
  • I wouldn't count on it, but you never know. I might find a nice group, or perhaps end up dying the first 15 minutes. Either one is possible.
  • I'd probably kill myself if I see more than 5 zombies.
  • I don't think ill survive, if im desperate enough i always have my sword to commit suicide ;)
  • I could survive until the local food supply ran out, then it becomes a rather big problem. I've always felt a good way of surviving would be to stalk a large group but keep out of their way, then wait until they die and scavenge their supplies. It's not too difficult to find a secure place to hide once you realise the walkers can't climb, swim or jump.
  • Depends if I find a group or am in a government safe zone. If I get neither, I would live for a few weeks scavenging then get eaten/kill myself.
  • I fucking love questions like these, it panders to my ego and 'specialness' (which is really bollocks lol) I might survive depends on my situation, if I wake up to a zombie apocalypse one day and have to kill my room mate ransack the house for food weapons and porn (obviously)

    tip toe my way to neighbours house slam his head in with a cricket bat, and steal his sweet jag and drive to the country side and look for old world war two shelters/castles (WALES FTW) and live my life in the country side in a fucking fort

    or I wake up to find my room mate chewing on my toe.

    but the main pont of this post is fuck my room mate, and his beasty boys at 3am in the fucking morning.
    when the zombie apocalyse comes, i'm dropping him like i did ben
  • i didn't expect people to say they would kill themselves
  • It depends... we never know. I'm guessing I could handle myself for some months, maybe even a year. Well, at least I'll last a couple of weeks.
  • I live in a rural area, near the highway but it's still over 3 miles from my decelopment to it. So plenty of cars to siphon gas from That aren't too far away, and could get materials like lumber from the local home depot/lowes mear the onset.
    Between everyone in my neighborhood alone we have about 200 guns and tens of thousands of ammo rounds. We also live fairly near the water and our neighbors have a boat (as well as fishing rods, nets, and scooba gear so we could easily fish). All houses in my area are made of concrete and we have storm shutters. Zombies aren't getting in if it comes to that. :P
    We're also always well stocked with canned food and own a generator. We also all own wells for clean fresh water that we won't even need to boil to make sure it's clean. (i live in florida so the ground is all sand and acts as a natural filter)

    So I think I'd have a really good chance. :P
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