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Most heartwarming scene of the Walking Dead

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Well despite the dreary and hopeless tone set forth in the game there were some really sentimental moments in between. I would like to know what fans thought was one of the most touching scenes in the game so far.

Mine would have to be when Lee says that he didn't think Clem's parents would be in Crawford since they were good people. When Clem asks why he thinks they're good he says, "well they raised you didn't they?". :D
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  • Definitely Lee telling Clem he knew her parents were good because they raised her.

    Getting to tell Kenny off at the end of episode 4 felt good to.
  • Every hug and chat with Clem. Especially in the RV and after she finds the boat.
  • Having a drink with Chuck.

    But then you had to kill him off didn't you?! WHY? DAMN YOU! DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!!
  • Malphaxis;712097 said:
    Maybe it's the dad in me, but I've grown quite fond of that li'l girl and when I/Lee realized Clem was misssing & then I got bitten I was hit with a wave of despair. I was all "NO, NO, NO, this can't be happening. I have to find her, but how, I'm a dead man"
    I fell the exact same way!:o
  • Definitely when Kenny saw the boat he was like *drops bottle* "Screw alcohol! We've got a boat!"
    xD it was that moment that felt very hopeful :)

    And maybe when Ben says he'll make up for his stupid mistakes to redeem himself if you save him at the very end. Oh we can only hope :P
  • Drinking with Chuck.

  • Viner16;713075 said:
    Drinking with Chuck.

    *Hobrofist* Brilliant :D
  • I have no idea why, maybe it's because it was unexpected, but after I tried to help Larry, and, well, Kenny smashed his head in, Lilly said "Hey, Lee? We're good." I don't know why, but it made me go "Awww".
  • My most touching moments is when i/Lee first met Clem.
    I also liked the cute scene where Lee cut her hair and she asked him if she looked dumb :P

    I was like "Noooo its cute!" and Lee followed me right after ^^
  • The moment when Lee and Clem are talking in Crawford,Clem is stting in on the chair with a desk saying how she misses school,with Lee responding that after everything is over they will set their out small classrom. :-) Was just kinda a touching moment for me.
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