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Fighting or talking down kenny

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Which outcome is considered best for lee/kenny relationship. I personally fought him not even thinking you could talk him down. Held him against the wall while yelling things like "I'v had your back don't make me regret it" and such.
I'm just curious which one is better for your relationship. I personally feel whacking some sense is bets for kenny's interests.
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  • I feel as if talking him down is a better outcome. I haven't seen any drastic change in Lee and Kenny's relationship, except Kenny has a different line when he's drunk if you fight him on the train.

    Talk him down:
    Kenny: "First good thing that's happened since..."

    Fight him:
    Kenny: "You wanna throw down like back on the train? 'Cause I fight better when I'm shitfaced."
  • Talked him down.
    I told him he didn't kill Hershel's son.
    He replied "yes I did". and started crying
    the thing is that he feels guilty for that, he's throwing it all on his son.
  • I talked him down. Poor Kenny, I felt so bad for him in that episode...
  • I think talking him down is better, because he lets you catch a glimpse of how he thinks. Plus, you don't have to choke a bitch.
  • I talked the mustache wielding belgian woman shagging you gotta back me up lee bloke because he was in denial and upset and to show even though i disagree in his ways I still treated him as a friend
  • Fought him it was a bro fight though we made up after
  • I talked him down, I wish I'd punched him. When I replay this game I'm going to be a complete dick to him and his family.
  • Talk him down, fighting a guy who has basically lost his son doesn't seem like a nice thing to do, even if we weren't bros
  • I've done a few different playthroughs. I think talking him down is better. An interesting thing that happened in the playthrough I did with my family is choosing not to fight back if he attacks you - Kenny does say a lot of the stuff that he said when you talk him down, but in a very different way.
  • I paid 400 microsofts points goddamnit, I wanted to see a fight.
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