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All episode 4 fixes did not work - require refund!

posted by sdmoel on - last edited - Viewed by 265 users
Please direct how to get a refund for Episode 4. As you are aware it is frustrating to loose hours of gameplay. I do not wish to redo everything to get back to where we were because of a faulty product. Please refund.
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  • Good luck with that... I requested a refund, and was promptly referred to Xbox live customer service... I am currently waiting to hear back from them, at ladt correspondence with xbox i was assured that it was a hardware issue.. Well if that is the case, then Xbox should replace all of our Xbox's because there are apparently a lot of us with hardware issues....

    I will continue to argue my point with xbox, though I am doubtful for a refund as when items are purchased through the marketplace, you also download a license to that material that Xbox/Microsoft cannot get back... They have no way of ensuring that I don't continue to play and access the content if they were to refund me... Let me point out that they can be very assured that I will NOT ever play or re-download this game again... I have never been so angry or disappointed with a product in my life! Well... Maybe the snuggle I got for Xmas one year... It was hideous, but at least it worked.
  • They should release episode 5 for free or a huge discount for xbox live. If we even continue. Poor product indeed!
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