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What did you do with Ben?

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What did you with Ben?
Leave to Die OR Save Ben?
You have 2 choice:
1.Let him die and make Clementine sad and Not being the Good Guy anymore.
2.Keep him alive,Clem will be happy but He has killed Katja , Dock , Cearly / Doug and the Dr's wife.
Maybe he make another Damn mistake...perhaps it happen to your Clementine.
Will be Ben alive to THREAT your daughter's life?
What Did you do?
Take The RISK?Why?
Make The Church end of his life?Why?
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  • I pulled him up. Because I had the option to do it.
  • Saved him. Can't just let him die. That would be wrong.
    He didn't kill Katja, she killed herself. He didn't kill Duck, he was bitten by a walker. He didn't kill Carly, Lilly shot her in the face.
    I don't know who the Dr's wife is but chances are Ben didn't kill her either.

    All Ben did was some dumb shit because he's scared. People do some dumb shit when they're scared.
  • Because he's a good kid even if his intentions screwed us up. Those bandits would've attacked earlier if Ben hadn't made that deal.
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    I let him go. For the greater good of everyone, the fella died a hero.
  • I sacrificed him for the greater good of my group, and so that no more people in the future will come into contact with the disaster magnet that is Ben.
  • Kenny's not my bro and he never had my back from the start. I don't like Lilly and Larry period. So in the end I ultimately decided to save him so he can redeem himself. In the end the less people in your group the less of a force you'll be. I'd rather be one man up then one man down. An extra body wouldn't hurt to help fight off or distract zombies.
  • Ben may have screwed up but I thought it would just be wrong to let him go.Besides,he might (emphasis on might) even turn out to be the hero in episode 5...he better be because I've brought everyone with me...
  • I pulled him up.
    he begged me to let him go.
    that's suicidal.
    If he begged me to pull him up then I let him go
  • Dropped him because the walkers were closing in and I thought there wasn't time to save him without endangering everyone else even more. I also thought he'd die anyway if I tried to save him. He died a hero in my game though, but I still think I chose the wrong thing.
  • Yes.Ben didn't kill them,but he was the main reason.He must avowal the truth.if it happened,that was because of Ben.


    Yes,you,re right.I agree with TheNNerdGamer.


    But I think it would be good to keep him alive.
    Maybe he can help us.I mean They took Clementine hostage and...The more,The better
    Do you think same?


    How about The bitten hand?I do not think to Lee's die.How about you?
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