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If Ep. 4 was 5 minutes long and 100% honest

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The groups is walking through the streets of Savannah to set themselves up for danger later on.

Can't I at least hold the walkie-talkie? You
haven't even asked me who the guy I
was talking to is or explained why
he is dangerous.

I said no. We're not following
that plot until the final episode.


Remember me and Omid? We had the
distrust for total strangers last
episode? Now we're following you and
want your permission to rest.

Since I only care for or disregard
other people's lives when it
creates tension, I'm going to say
no. We move to the boat.[/CENTER]

LEE makes a decision that quickly becomes pointless when he looks up and
sees MOLLY ringing bell towers.

I'm going to attract attention to the group by screaming at that
mysterious figure I just saw.

I'm going to be as annoying as
possible this episode so I'll start by
questioning if you saw anything for no apparent reason.

CHUCK sees some zombies while everybody is ignoring the fact
a loud bell is ringing like it's dinner time and their the meal.

I'm a drunk homeless man but I'm
going to say an archaic quote to
draw people's attention instead of
something like "Run! Walkers are

I got you, Chuck. Run everybody!

Untold amounts of walkers appear from seemingly nowhere and
the group gets surrounded. For no logical reason CLEM and BEN get
separated from the rest of the group and get trapped. BEN
runs instead of easily saving CLEM so you hate him more.
LEE unloads unlimited amount of ammo to kill the walkers
around CLEM but still fails. CHUCK the drunk intellectual
saves CLEM.
Go on ahead! I'll hold them off. Don't worry about me. I'll be fine.

I just met you last episode and you were kind of a dick with the whole "she's going to die" thing so yeah...

Don't try to save me.[/CENTER]

LEE ignores the minor character and runs away. The group
finds a house and after an easy puzzle LEE unlocks the doggie
door. CLEM goes through it and opens the door.

Ta da! I was frightened of walkers
finding us in the backyard but I
suddenly had no fear when running into
a dark house alone were I might be trapped with one. By the way, I'm
going to be pretty much doing
whatever I want all episode to
setup the plot for the next. But
I'll do useful things so you don't
get too annoyed until then.

Don't ever risk your life again!

You hurt my feelings. I hope you feel guilty for acting like a responsible adult.

I'm judging you for being so harsh on her
even though the last episode I
judged you for putting her in
They walk into the house.
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  • Red Panda keeps topping it each time! Your awesome now you just need to do the school and getting back lol :)
    Your amazing at this keep going XD
  • "upon entering crawford"

    one guy who looks a bit dirty, is slowly walking along lee shoots him, turns out it's a walker

    lee: hey guys you where saying this is a lively town full of elitest pricks ?

    group: yeah lee why you ask ?

    lee: erm well there's one guy and he's a WALKER!!

    vern: something happened...


    suddenly the gunshot as attracted more walkers..

    someone shouts: quick lets hide in the nearest building, i hope the door is open,

    walkers coming from a few directions, people are still holding the door open...

    once inside they find signs of a gun fight and blood spatter, suddenly everyone is an expert.

    lee see's bullets and says: some one was shooting something, probably walkers...

    clem has a flash back and wishes she was back in school.

    then after finding a map in the first room the find which is open which also holds an armory 'weapon cache' covered in childrens artwork but the door is locked..

    kenny: shit lee it's locked

    lee: wonder why..(tries to kick it, shoulder barge it) we need a key..

    ben: i'll look in to it ( wow suddenly he's a boy wonder ?)

    clem finds a desk and takes a nap.

    lee finds a pamphlet about the symbols that where on the doors out side.

    lee: i wonder what these mean, hmm familiar...

    brie: yeah i wanted vern to shoot you but now i'm going to help you out and tell you where everything is...

    lee and molly go to the motor pool.

    we see a locker hotspot but no idea of the combination hmmm where would we find that ? spends ages looking round nothing..

    molly standing by door/firescape gives lee shifty look and impatience ooozing from her very being..

    molly: ready to go in an unknown dangerous area we know nothing about but a map ?
    lee: sure lets do this..

    after a few mins..

    finds no way of progressing a fence that is low enough, no climb option. goes all over the place before finally walking into a shed suddenly the shelves are climbable but they look pretty weak, suddenly a tv falls down?!!!?!?!

    Lee: wtf is a tv doing on a shed roof ?!?! and no sign of molly...

    hmm lee thinks did molly just try and kill him ?

    lee finds the garage.....
  • Red Panda, please do the school! You are epic :)
  • This is awesome.More please :D

    The group is waiting in the backyard to show they're not
    afraid of walkers or the cold.

    Lee, can I talk to you for a

    What is it? Are you having moral
    qualms with killing and robbing
    people? That we're no different
    than any foe we've faced this
    season because we harm others for
    our survival?

    There's not enough room on the boat
    for everybody.


    Even if we all make it back alive,
    and for some reason one of us that
    has REALLY been asking to die
    doesn't fall to his death in a bell
    tower, dragged down by the leader
    of Crawford that is now a walker
    hanging from a ringing bell, we
    still can't take everyone.

    That was oddly specific.[/CENTER]

    VERNON arrives with BRIE because she needs to die this

    I've brought Brie, the woman that
    kept insisting I kill you.

    I don't know how I feel about this,

    She can help. She knows the layout
    and no one will care if she gets
    killed and eaten by walkers, buying
    us time to escape.

    Fine. She can come.[/CENTER]


    LEE peeks out from the sewer. There's nobody around so Lee
    signals it's clear. The group of mostly old and out of shape
    people that have never worked together before hustle out of
    the sewer like SEAL Team Six, ready to strike.

    You would think Gary would have
    written a montage or something so
    it isn't so incredibly hard to
    suspend disbelief.

    It's strange nobody is around.

    I see a guy. Me and Kenny will
    take him out.[/CENTER]

    With KENNY behing him, LEE runs to the perfectly normal
    acting person then inexpicably stops while it very slowly
    turns around to reveal it's actually a walker! LEE drives
    his hatchet into the walkers forhead and the rest of the
    group runs up.

    A walker! What the fuck? I've never
    seen a walker move normally. That
    was cheap, TellTale. Dirty cheaters
    is what you are.[/CENTER]

    The group stands around while tons of walkers suddenly
    appear out of nowhere, for reasons unclear. They run into
    the school building.


    The group is huffing and puffing after running twenty feet
    and up a flight of stairs to show how woefully out of shape
    and unprepared they were for this dangerous mission.
    What the hell happened here? This
    was supposed to be a well defended,
    highly organized place.

    What always happens, I guess. In
    the end the dead always win.

    That doesn't answer my question at

    Because they're dead it prevents us
    from killing strangers to rob them
    of supplies, making us feel like
    the good guys instead allowing
    players to grapple with the complex
    moralities of this world.

    Ah, that sounds about right.

    This can be good! I mean the
    walkers, not the writing.

    Vernon is right. There's so many
    things I don't get in this episode.

    He's right about the walkers too.
    Nothing has changed. We'll still
    get what we need.

    I'm so screwed. I'm going to die!
    I'm so full of teenage angst!

    Shut up, Ben!

    I think I know where to start.[/CENTER]
  • "That was oddly specific" killed me xD
  • Hehehe...that was a good one. :)
  • Please sir... Can i has some moar?
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