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Season One, Boxed vs. Online: Differences?

posted by Kizoku on - last edited - Viewed by 223 users
I bought Season One in a box, from 'Best Buy;' and of course I liked it so much that I just bought all of Season Two online, straight from Telltale.

Season One gave me a single launcher icon, which brings up a window where I pick the episode I want. Season Two gave me five launcher icons, one for each episode.

Now… I'm assuming that if I'd bought Season One online, I'd have gotten separate icons for each episode there, too; but it makes me wonder: Are there any other differences between the boxed and online versions?

I mean aside from the cool poster that came in the box. Y'know, differences in the software itself.
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  • No, the games are the same.
    Also, when you buy the online version, you also get a bonus disk for the cost of shipping. This contains special features, such as commentaries, that aren't on the retail release as well as the games themselves.
    That's about it, though.
  • There is a post around somewhere which shows the differences between both of them, but the Telltale DVD has:

    • All six episodes on one disc. (Requires DVD-ROM drive)
    • Cutscene video reels with 4+ hours of commentary tracks by the developers.
    • All 18 Sam & Max machinima shorts.
    • Sam & Max Season One blooper reel.
    • Concept art montage video.
    • All Season One teasers and trailers, including the original E3 2006 teaser trailer.
    • Surprise bonus content!

    And the retail version has... well, whatever is on your disc. :)

    (oh, but in terms of the downloaded games and not the disc, they are both the same)
  • Also, the copy protection works differently and some european retail versions have dubbing and/or subbing.
  • Don't forget the cover art! I bought my Season One online purely because Telltale's cover art is so much better than the retail version.
  • What does the launcher window look like?
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