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Nickelodeon thread

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Might as well make a thread for Nick since Disney & CN got one.

As we know Nick used to have great cartoons such as Rugrats,Invader Zim, Danny Phantom, CatDog, etc. But lately they have gone downhill, At least CN has still got a few cartoons left like Mad,Ben 10,Young Justice,Regular Show etc but all Nick has left is Spongebob,Fairly Odd Parents & Fanboy & ChumChum. I could be wrong.

Now don't get me wrong they did have a few good live action shows like Drake & Josh in my opinion but now it seems like their shows is slowly turning into the new Disney Channel. I mean they don't even have Danny Phantom on Nick anymore in the UK...I think. At least Netflix UK has Danny Phantom as that is one of my favorite cartoons.

I even think their movies & specials have gone downhill a little, Old Nick had Rugrats the movie & Rugrats in Paris, They had The Spongebob Squarepants movie and Danny Phantom had four 1 hour specials which were great! Now Nick has The Fairy Odd movie Grow up Timmy Turner which i throught was OK but it didn't even conpare to Fairly odd parents Wishology trilogy.

Anyway go ahead and talk about anything that was on Nick :)
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