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Store... [lives again! It is reborn...]

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Hi all,

We'll be taking the store offline for some work starting in about two hours. During the maintenance, only the store and shopping carts will be affected. The main page, forums, blogs, comics, etc. should remain available.

The bad news:
No, we're not releasing Homestar Ruiner today. Sorry. We'll be announcing a release date soon.

The good news: Instead, we'll be releasing the very newest version of our store, with lots of improvements that should please those of you who've had trouble in the past!

Right now I can't predict too closely how long the store will be down for. Assuming all goes smoothly, it shouldn't be more than an hour or two.
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  • When the store is back I'm wanting to be seeing Max plushes there!
  • We're not adding any products, sorry :)
  • what? you can't program plushies and such? what kind of website-...ahh...-guy are you? ;)

    Damn. Is it meant to be like that?

    Edit: The Bone page just had a warning saying that it was down, yet it was displaying fine. Now that warning has gone. Weird!
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    I think series pages had to go down as well since you can buy things off of them. :)
  • Heh I forgot to turn off the Bone page apparently. Shouldn't matter too much, though.

    Site's looking good, we should have things back on pretty soon now.

    (Also, you weren't supposed to be able to see the red warning bars... that's been fixed now :))
  • Okay, store's back up! Enjoy.

    (Note that only the checkout process will look different with the new version... the store itself looks pretty much the same :))
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Feel free to test it by buying as many things as you can afford! Get gifts for your friends!
  • You guys just changed the checkout process to try and get us to buy stuff to see the new version... you guys are tricky bastids. I will have to wait until SBG4AP comes out to see it, however, as funds will not allow for frivolous hat purchases.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    The change is actually quite large under the hood! While the checkout path is now different (and very much refined), we've also moved to a new fulfillment warehouse (yaaay!!!). So, that's awesome.

    Extreme kudos to Doug, Mike, Eric, and Emily for working this stuff out. I made a few gifs!
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