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Episode 5: Boat for 5 people

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Think about it. Kenny, Omid and Christa, Ben (If you saved him) and Clem, It's magically 5 people and we can pretty much forget about Lee because he is dead.

That's probably a chance (in case we have) to have a "super" happy ending.
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  • TheNNerdGamer;715815 said:
    someone has to die anyways so they all can get in
    That's Lee. If you saved Ben, then there's Ben, Kenny, Christa, Omid, and Clem. Five people for 5 spots.
  • rplewis89;694817 said:
    Kenny has annoyed me in every single Ep. (as has Ben) only one has died... so far
    My Kenny stayed back with the boat, who says he wouldn't leave without us? Though I wouldn't know how he would get that boat to shore.
  • The boat is a dumb idea. They only have one tank of gas. They only have one temporary working battery. What happens when the battery dies or when the gas runs out?! They will be stuck in the middle of the ocean.
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    I find it bullshit that it can only contain 5 people INCLUDING Clem. I mean, that little girl must barely weigh anything, if you take 5 adults and all it takes is Clem's weight to fuck the boat over, I don't think they'll get to their destination very successfully.
  • The person that stayed with the boat will probably attempt to leave everyone behind, but Molly gave us the dead battery and will end up saving the day, you murder the traitor and let her on the boat!

    Just random crap that came to mind.
  • Who says that they will try to Cross the Ocean once they got that boat working? And that 5 Person Thing Sounds a Little Bit like a Hollywood Story
  • i think sometime during ep.5 we r gonna have to choose between Omid and Christa just like carley and doug. I think Lee will die if you chose not to show the bite, because if you did then someone will tell Lee to amputate his arm.

    But think about it, Lee, Clem, kenny, omid, christa, ben, molly, and whoever else shows up, because its obvious we r gonna meet new people. I think it will be Vernon and some of his people who join our group. You heard the walkietalkeman at teh end of ep.4: "It's not Vernon if thats what ur thinkin."

    I would prob choose clem, lee, kenny, omid, and molly to go on the boat. if lee dies than ben goes on the boat
  • London24;715908 said:
    The boat is a dumb idea. They only have one tank of gas. They only have one temporary working battery. What happens when the battery dies or when the gas runs out?! They will be stuck in the middle of the ocean.
    They wouldn't go any more than a few 100 meters away from land in that thing. Not that they couldn't but their would be no need.

    A boat of that size will nearly always be equipped with a pair of oars tucked off in the sides too. The single most reliable piece of emergency equipment when you can only help yourself. Although I doubt the story will get far enough that the writers need to think about that.

    For the most part they'll be safe because they'll have far less fights forced upon them. They can set up camps right beside an unchasable escape vehicle. Their biggest threat would be becoming sitting ducks for any bandits that are equipped for a ranged fight.
  • 8Bit_System;695051 said:
    Kenny's "there can only be five" is bullshit from the first breath there. In desperate times 10 people could come aboard, just like 20 people in South-East Asia are able to live in a one room, 20 sqm, apartment nowadays. It's not ideal, but hey... wanna live?

    This part of the storyline is a western (Hollywood) way of seeing things, not a Zombie Apocalypse. Sorry... but true!
    I generally agree with this.. The boat itself could hold more than 5 adults and still remain seaworthy. This is considering that only people board the boat without any supplies. IF the boat is a factor at all in EP5 I would expect it to be a rush for the group to board it and cast-off not having the luxury of time to gather much in the way of supplies. But the way things have been going, I'm not so sure the boat will make much of a difference if at all. I would expect during the time Lee spends searching for Clem, they return to find the boat missing or sabataged.
  • That's probably why it's possible to leave people behind. Depending on how many people are left behind, the boat could be good to go or entirely gone/sabatoged. Christa and Omid would be good candidates to protect the boat, as Omid says that she's saved him quite a bit during their travels and Omid himself claims to be a scrapper. They're also trustworthy enough to wait until the group gets back. Leaving the boat alone with Ben, however, is probably a death sentence.
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