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Am I the only one who doesn't trust Molly?

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Everyone seems to love her...but I just don't trust her at all.
We don't even know much about her and the stuff we do know seems a bit off.
I refuse to take her sister story as absolute truth. I'm probably looking too deep into it, but the girl in the photo didn't even look 14. Molly could have taken that photo from anywhere. From what we've been told as Crawford, I find it strange that the photo was still there in perfect condition. There was that doctor stuff though...
I also found it strange how she just decided to hold onto the battery. I just found it so suspicious how she took off with it. For all we know she could have swapped it for a dead battery or something :\
I'm even more suspicious that when we got back to the house she just decided to leave, after helping the group through Crawford and being determined to get on the boat with us. (I know that she can get left behind in Crawford, but what happening to her is ambiguous). In my opinion, this just reinforces the point I made with the battery. Molly said she was a loner type of person AND the fact that she says things that show us she wants out of Savannah and that the boat is an open door for that...she wanted in. She could have just used the group to get the fuel and the battery and she'll go back to take the boat herself and kill anyone in her way, i wouldn't put it past her.
Heck, this is probably going to far, but what if she knows the walkie-talkie guy?
While I'm on the subject, I don't trust Vernon either.
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  • I asked the queston why did she claim, when she 1st met Lee & tried to kill him, that she thought he was from Crawford when as it turns out she is from Crawford.
    I mean just how many survivors were there in Crawford that she didnt know Lee wasnt from there just by sight recognition even if she didnt know everyone in there personally.
  • Rock114;716172 said:
    Actually, if you drowned you were innocent, but if you floated and lived you were a witch. Kind of a lose-lose situation.
    ..well they did give you last rights and the option to confess so if you were innocent & did die, it was in a state of grace and you went to meet Jesus. :rolleyes:
  • I never really questioned her, I guess I'm too trusting (I knew something was fishy about the St. Johns, though), but what you are saying does have some logic to it.

    Molly has been confirmed for Episode 5 anyway, so I guess it's only a matter of time until we find out whether she is to be trusted or not.
  • Well, I suppose she MIGHT be trustable if Lee/Clem saves her. Leaving her behind, or god forbid shooting her, may have dire consequences in the shape of an icepick named "Hilda".
  • If you notice, there is a busted picture frame in the manor.
  • She kept the battery so she wouldn't get left behind by the group and after spending any time around Kenny and Ben, I can understand why she decided a boat was too confining. As for ransacking home base, if group missed anything the first time through, are they going to miss anything she finds?
  • She is elusive but she has proven her worth. However the way she distance herself from others is troubling. (Its in good reason, after her encounter with Kenny and watching how destructive Ben can be.) I would agree that she would be someone you'd have to watch however this may be her personality after being in Crawford now.
  • Meh, I don't know. She seems like a good person to me, she's helped us out enough times for me to trust her... but again, I'm very naive. I'm the guy that had no idea the St. John's were cannibals until I found a legless Mark on the second floor.
  • I too believe Molly is up to something or, more likely, is part of something. If she's scavenging in an area, as someone rightly pointed out she has declared unlikely to have anything useful in it, then why bother? I think she is too well-placed at various points in Episode 4 to not be, in some way, connected to the guy on the end of the walkie-talkie.

    The holes in Molly's story could be down to terrible writing / continuity on Tell Tale's part. I don't think that's the case. I think she's as much of a liar as everyone else (including Lee - I found myself lying more times than I'd care to mention).
  • Now im just thinking, that The end of ep. 5,kenny tries to Get The Boat working and Then he screams "BATTERY IS F**KING DEEEAAAD!" ...
    But yeah..I don't trust her either...And damn this autocorrect,always messing with me...
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