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How come some of us said that we would kill Ben

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But when we finally got the chance to do so, some of us couldn't. lol
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  • because e realized at that point, who is ben? just a miserable pile of secrets! *throws glass of wine*
  • Because people saw some kind of redemption by him wanting to get dropped. Also the pressure of actually having to drop him vs just leaving him to walkers got to people. Their morals took over and they couldn't bring themselves to do it.

    Not me though, I'm a heartless bastard ;)
  • Because, people thought he'd really redeem himself this time.

    And, even though I dropped him, I'm sure he'd try, but I've no reason to believe that his big attempt at redemption won't screw over the group again. Ben's problem is that he acts without thinking at all, taking hatchets from the only door keeping the walkers away from you is his genuine attempt at helping, as long as he has that flaw he'll be a danger no matter how much he tries to help.
  • Yeah: same with Larry.
  • I think Clem played a role in that decision too, a lot of people are carrying a lot about her (maybe too much in my opinion) and she is on Ben's side so I suppose they couldn't let Ben die because of this.
    There's people that didn't take part of the "killing Ben" and maybe didn't dislike him even if he caused lot of problems.
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    That's weird, I never felt much of a need to kill Ben, but when it came to it, I did.
  • Siniistar wrote: »
    because e realized at that point, who is ben? just a miserable pile of secrets! *throws glass of wine*

    ever played castlevania symphony of the night?

    "what is a man?, just a miserable pile of secrets!" dracula said that
  • cos people wimp out when they have to do it...

    it suddenly hits them they have to choose, unlike any other media that deals with death, a game is something you control.

    so it then becomes a moral decision.
  • I made the decision to protect Clem. I never told her Id do it her way. She can think Im wrong and even hate me, but if shes safe, them my mission is complete.
    Bearing in mind that no matter what I do , she goes missing either way
  • Because he... ah hell there are tons of threads on this. :p

    People can change their minds, ya know. :p
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