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Which country is most likely to survive a ZA?

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Which country do you guys think is best suited for a ZA right now. This means a countrys geography, economy, military and even political system all coming into play? And by survive, I mean the actual government and/or many or even most of the citizens surviving.

I personally think Israel would tank the ZA. A large amount of the civilian population has had military training, they have a ready military and badas special forces all covering a fairly low population.
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  • Spain! ....Nah, we spaniards would probably be the first ones to die. Have you seen the [•REC] movies? :D
  • I think the issue of climate is more important to the survivors than the walkers because walkers, we have learned, only die (again) from destroying the brain. Without electricity we would have to resort back to simple agricultural societies which makes me think that Eastern countries would make out better. Anywhere with too high of a population density will be overwhelmed too quickly so I think maybe a country with few borders (no landlocked countries) and ability to adapt quickly when isolated.
  • Vaxij;713771 said:
    Spain! ....Nah, we spaniards would probably be the first ones to die. Have you seen the [•REC] movies? :D
    No, but I'm going to look it up. I love movies from Spain.
  • Hmm.. now that I think about it.. in the WD universe EVERYONE is infected .. not matter what... so really everyone is doomed.

    Also I saw [•REC] and the remake.. both were pretty good.
  • The one with the most guns. We don't even know if the cold affects them at all.

    Asian countries would go down first. High Populace crammed into small cities for the most part. They wouldn't have a hope of surviving.

    Countries like England, same thing. By the time they got it together, it would be too late, they would be swarmed.

    Coastal areas next. 80% of the world's population lives within 100 miles of the coast. So they'd be Zombie Snacks pretty quick. Again, it's a matter of being swarmed before they can organize.
  • Red Panda;713077 said:
    I'm sorry, but I think the US has the best chance. We have a great military and the citizens are armed. You can't say that of most countries.
    I think TWD proves that having guns is as much a liability as it is a bonus. Gunfire attracts zombies from afar. You are much better off with other basic means of killing people. (I'm from the Netherlands, a country with barely any guns, and even here most people still have stuff like fire axes and pitchforks in their sheds for gardening work).

    The strong military is also, again, as much a liability as it is a strength. A military as big as the USA's needs constant supplies. Once the infrastructure of those supplies dries up, so does the military strength. And the US military has been made to mostly depend on the private sector for supplies.

    I think the USA has a chance, but is surely not the most likely.

    My most likely? Finland. Very low population density, long and cold winters, but with a people used to surviving these hardships. The better climates of southern europe will pull the zombies in those directions, so herds will take many years before migrating back north again. And Finland also has a military set up specifically to fit it's own unique terrain and country.
    There are also huge areas with natural wildlife left. Enough to basicly feed humans from hunting alone for many, many years. Also, many people have their own private distilleries to brew their own alcohol there already. So the skills to do this are present. And as soon as clean water becomes a problem, knowing how to brew so you can keep moisture drinkable for many months becomes a very much needed skill.

    So yes, finland.
  • Master of Aeons;682442 said:
    Greenland. What are the zombies going to do?
    They call Ghostbusters.

    I say Japan. It is country on the large island afterall. It means that their borders are easily secured against the zombies due the water.
  • Red Panda;710675 said:
    -Anna-, you are too much awesome sometimes.
    Strict Firearm laws leave your country wide open to a quick take down, IMO. The ones that survive will be the ones who were already resourceful enough to survive outside the cities though, and there should be quite a few of those.

    It's really about who survives the initial onslaught. What percentage of a country's population is going to break down in the very beginning. Once the beginning is over those who are left were either lucky, prepared for anything, used someone else as a meat shield to get away (IE: A Sociopathic coward), etc.

    I think the more fun question is do YOU have the knowledge and skill-set to survive something like this?

    YOU=Meaning anyone reading this.

    Densely populated areas will go down the hardest and fastest, just because of the proximity. The people who have a little breathing room will fare better because they will have more time to react.

    Though honestly I don't think the military would break-down as quickly as Robert Kirkman thinks, but he seems to believe that any disaster means total social breakdown and anarchy.
  • hmm Croatia? HAHAHA we'v got a lot of islands and Mountains and we have extreme Summer and Winter..
  • Switzerland, they have a shit load of guns.
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