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Would you play again from the beginning just to do things different?

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Just to make different choices and achieve new results?
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  • 3 saves already in use

    initial gut reaction

    2 good lee

    3 badass lee
  • I am, right now I have 3 saves 2 I saved Doug 1 I saved Carly. I might play it again to changed somethings around like ask Lily to stay or be friends with Larry to see if it changes anything.
  • I had 3 saves, but they were wiped too. Now I have 2 that I'm interested in seeing through, and I'll definitely start back at 1 after I'm done with 5.
  • Worth it and I've only used two save slots. Planning to play all the way through during the X-mas Holidays (most likely X-mas Eve, no work).
  • I think I won't for what was said before, the choices don't make enough difference for me to play through again.

    But I might if there is a lack of games I want to play after episode 5. I have purposefully not started a 2nd playthrough yet because of the save game issues.
  • why.............................................................................not?
  • I did, then the Ep4 bug wiped everything. I'm not doing it again.

    When Season 2 comes around I won't be doing multiple playthroughs until I've finished it, I think it kind of kills the experience.
  • Well, I will re-try to.
    I'm a little bit forced to, you know. I'm a part of the ones that have encountered the famous bug with saves deleted ... so, I will have to restart everything from scratch if I want to play the EP5. Nice...
  • I enjoy TWD more as an interactive story than as a game. If I replay through the events of chapters 1-4, I will be breaking the immersion and the bonds I made with the characters.

    I'm gonna stick with my original playthrough until the end of chapter 5 and I'm gonna enjoy the "aftertaste" of my choices for awhile. After that I'm definitely replaying the whole game at least one more time (close to the Season 2 release date).
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