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"When it comes to a boat..."

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So in the wait for episode 5 I decided to watch DSP's playthrough and I saw some interesting dialogue I'd never seen. For the record he helped Lilly out and decided to be honest with Kenny about his past. He chose to say "I was on my way to prison 3 months ago" and Kenny says

"You should know, if we gotta make numbers when it comes to a boat, this is gonna matter."

I mean, Lee is almost definitely going to die but do you think that maybe they had planned for him not to?
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  • does not matter, Lee will die before he gets to the boat or something like that.
    who knows how many will die in this episode
  • No, they said that they had the ending planned from the very beginning. Kenny;s comment about the murder mattering when it comes to a boat is just him being him. The characters didn't know that Lee was going to die. Hmm, maybe that comment was foreshadowing about there only actually being five spots on the boat?
  • TheNNerdGamer;716826 said:
    does not matter, Lee will die before he gets to the boat or something like that.
    who knows how many will die in this episode
    If you try to convince Kenny to assist you at the end of episode 4 but fail(also having revealed the bite), he says he'll still let you come on the boat, even bit, and that they'll deal with it when the time comes.

    I wonder if you'll be able to get on the boat as a sort of last goodbye to whoever remains before Lee turns, or if Kenny won't let you based on past decisions or something similar.
  • No! Lee shall survive! He... HE'S IMMORTAL!
  • Just like Rock said, TT had got the same one ending in mind before even writing the first episode. Didn't see Kenny allude to Lee's murder during the moment when he decides to go with you or not. Maybe this happens in episode 5?
  • Well, maybe Kenny just realizes that the murder isn't important anymore, especially because Lee is dying. He, however, WILL make a comment about it if you suggest a Plan B when you reach the river front, and told him about your murder in Episode 3.
  • I did notice on my two saves that the conversation with Kenny about numbers in the yard before leaving for Crawford had very different flavours depending on our relationship. In my first save it was more of a "be prepared to be left behind" comment, while in my second save is was more of a "who should we lose?" comment.
  • I think it just goes to show how many different lines of dialogue there really are! I thought I'd heard most but I keep learning new possible outcomes and I love it.
  • In my game, I was bro with Kenny, so when I told him he just said 'For real?'
  • Regarding the boat I always wondered how Kenny acted as if the boat was 100% his.
    Hey Kenny, how about the group screws you and you stay back - we take the friggin boat.
    Even in Ep.4 he always acted as if the boat belonged to him. He may be the only "captain" in the group, but believe me, this kind of boats is not hard to operate at all. There's really not much you can do wrong.
    I just really couldn't understand how Kenny could be so sure he's the one to choose who's getting on the boat.
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