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Lilly: dead or alive,woodbury or episode 5

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  • Woodbury was the original story canon meant for our Lily so i will go with that.
  • I think that since this Lilly was supposed to be the comics Lilly before Kirkman decided to crap on that idea, she would probably be on her way to Woodbury. I don't think she'd appear on episode 5, especially if she hated your Lee. And I think she didn't know they were going to Savannah, but I could be wrong here.
  • The new book/comic 'Road to Woodbury' messed up the story with Lilly and her Dad so it meant that the Lilly in RtW cannot be the Lilly in TWD game. It was going to be but they messed up. It is something like that, so the Lilly in the game could be anywhere, Woodbury is most likely if she took the RV if you took her with you.

    I'm not sure, but I just thought I would mention that :)
  • All things lead to Woodbury. so yeah, Woodbury it is.
  • "All roads lead to Woodbury... except the one that took us to Savannah". Even if she isn't going to Woodbury, game Lilly was pretty tough. I wouldn't be surprised if she were still alive.
  • She won't be appearing in episode 5. That's just stupid. I loved Lilly's character, but making her comeback after an episode of absence would evoke some questions. Besides, she's on her way to Woodbury.
  • Well since the Lilly in the game is now a different character than the Lilly in the comic (ironically with the same first and last name) my canon Lilly is dead. I left her on the side of the road with walkers around, late at night. She ran off into the woods. She didn't survive that night.
  • Since she said, "I'll die out here" when I left her she's probably dead. She's tough, but she has 3 months of experience surviving this ZA with a group, so if she doesn't think her chances are good without a group, then I'm not going to disagree with her.
  • Forget about Lilly, she won't come back anymore.
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