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larry was alive

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go rewatch the scene and choose to give him cpr. he gasps for air and his eyes open wide the split second before the salt lick drops.

probably the one thing i noticed everyone missed
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  • The_Ripper;716511 said:
    Alive or zombie? When do we should apply a CPR?

    - by Guybrush Threepwood

    Kenny can be a killer or a lifesaver. Yes, he could save your lives (even Clementine's) dropping the salt lick on a zombie. But all of you insist in keep seeing the bad side of life. Wow, you must REALLY hate Kenny.
    It is a bit funny yeah.. a lot of people bash Kenny for the fact that this decision defines him a lot when it comes to helping you at the end of Episode 4 or not..

    But a lot of those same people also dislike him because he dropped the salt lick on Larry when you tried to do CPR. So basicly.. the same decision defining their opinion for a large part as well.

    That's why I like the Kenny character.. he is basicly a normal guy in a very abnormal situation. And he is willing to follow through on what all of us would normally say when presented with these choices. So when you would have this kind of ZA survival tests where they say "someone in your group, not directly related, is a risk of becoming a zombie, what do you do?" most would do the Kenny decision and think "remove the risk. "It's just that Telltale adds a deeper layer to those 'life or death' decisions in the ZA that many other storytellers never do.

    I don't mean to say I like Kenny as a person, but he is a great character as part of the group and in many way a mirror to must of us 'big talkers' when it comes to our own views of how we would survive the ZA. Especially big talking white males :P
  • seriously talk about flogging a dead horse..

    ttg made it look dodgy, but imo it was just movement from the cpr.
  • The book of Shane says, seeketh not to revive the dead but crusheth their skull with the licking stone. :cool:
  • TellTale wanted to create doubt throughout the community.

    In my opinion, he was alive :D
  • The walkers look with their eyes and make noises buy passing air through their voice box and moving their lips. Nothing youve observed means he was alive. If Kenny didnt do it in the next second he migjt verry well have chewed Lillys face off.
  • We won't ever find out so stop bashing the characters for what they did or didn't do, it's stupid! TTG would of said something by now if they wanted us to know, but they haven't said anything.

    I think it is ambiguous and we will never know. That's just my take on it. When Larry moved his lips etc, he could be turning or breathing, but it looked pretty bad, but I don't know, so I think we should just stop starting threads abut this because no one knows for sure.
  • While I think that he may ahve (barely) been alive when Kenny killed him, I don't think there was any way to bring him back. Even if there was, there was always the chance that this situation could occur again in the future due to his heart condition. It's amazing that he survived as long as he did, really.
  • NessaT;716368 said:
    What... this again? I say he was still alive though - not that it matters.
    Nessa! there you are, ninja!
  • Malphaxis;716609 said:
    The book of Shane says, seeketh not to revive the dead but crusheth their skull with the licking stone. :cool:
    Lol, I bet that's a short book.
  • CPR only keeps the heart alive until advanced medical care is available, so...
    He is/was dead, one way or another :L
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