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Backup saves in PS3

posted by That1Guy on - last edited - Viewed by 423 users
Is there a way to make backups of your saves in the PS3? I've already lost the three I had when I played episode 4 and I don't want to replay everything if episode 5 also screws up my saves.
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  • Yes.

    Join PS+ if you haven't already and utilise cloud saving. Just disable auto save update, this way if your save game gets corrupted, it won't upload the corrupted save.

    Well, at least this is my understanding on how it works. I can't test it because I can't buy TWD for my PS3 yet.
  • Unfortunately if you don't have the money to afford Playstation plus then you can't. I do wish it were different though, as my PS3 once completely crashed, and I backed up all my saves like a month before on a external hard drive, but now I can't do that if my PS3 were to crash again as it's locked for copying.
  • TTG suck at making things WORK! It's good game, but bugs/glitches and crashes sometimes ruin it...
    For example things turn invisible, game freezes for 5 minutes in some scenes, you get stuck ( you can't walk or interact with anything ) and this save data corruption. Damn I bet that TTG surpassed the Bethesda's bug/glitch record....
  • I've heard that if you exit to the menu when the first error appears, the saves are kept. Is that true?
  • Just out of curiosity, is the PS3 USB flash drive compatible like the 360?
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