top 3 jump scares

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What are your top 3 moments that made you jump or flinch?
mine are....

3. Walker that wasnt in the shed just 5 minutes ago. For some reason i thought he was that shadowy figure from earlier *cough* molly ( i think)

2.Lee getting bit. I almost wanted to put this as my number 1. I checked the garbage before the walky talky so i wouldnt advance through the story yet and then crunch! WHAT THE FUCK! DIE MOTHER FU***R lol.

1. Animal crackers zombie! Ok so the first time i play i didnt even see this guy. Then the second time i noticed the other door on the train and after i walked through it i couldnt jump out of my little swivel chair fast enough. Maybe it doesnt belong on the list, but the 3rd time i played i walked around the train (knowing the zombie was gonna still try to jump at me) and i still jumped!


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    1. Random zombie in the shed before checking Dr. Logan's corpse.

    2. Strange figure: radio man? Standing and watching Lee as he's burying the boy.

    3. Zombie grabbing Lee's leg when in the sewers.
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    Walker in the shed.
    Walker in the car with the crackers.
    Walker that attacked Kat in the truck.

    I think the auto save messes up a lot of scares because you expect something to happen.
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    For me it is

    1. When you first play the game and have to kill the cop. It got me all freaked out trying to click on the dhell and shotgun and dropping the shell lol.
    2. Seatbelt zombie freaked me out bc the whole scene was peaceful then bam growling!
    3. Also the shed zombie was scary, you know when I first went in the shed I expected something but it didnt happen so I let my guard down.
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    Walker that grabbed lee's leg
    Honorable mention to creepy graveyard man
    And the obvious number 1 is lee's dream... you know the one
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    The very first one with the police officer!

    Molly's shadow when you go back in the alley the second time.

    When you and Kenny are hiding from the St Johns and you open the door and Danny's out there!
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    1. The animal crackers zombie (i literally jumped)
    2. The sewer zombie that grabs your leg
    3. Troy/David Parker zombie

    4.Not exactly 'jumpscare', but when Lee got bit I actually sat there wide-eyed with my mouth open lol
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    Dream with clem turning into a zombie... I almost rage quit...
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    In this game? None.
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    1) Random zombie in The shed
    2) Babysitter
    3) It wasn't a jump scare,But When you had to look through (if i wrote it right) The telescope...
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    3. Lee gets bit.

    2. Lilly shooting Carley.

    1. Lee's dream in Episode 3.
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    1. Crackers walker.
    2. Lee's dream.
    3. Random walker in the shed.

    And let me add a few more.

    4. Lee gets bit.
    5. Lilly shoots Carley/Doug.
    6. Campman observing Lee.
    7. Walker in the sewers grabbing Lee's leg.
    8. David Parker as a walker.
    9. Danny murdering Jolene.
    10. Police officer.
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    Lol this is almost making me want to redo my list. but i'll stick by it. Lmao alot of walker in the shed and cracker zombie. I feel sorry for headphone users in this game
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    lee slipping in the blood back in clems house.

    danny pointing the gun at lees face when you peer out the stall.

    lee's knightmare about clem.

    clems face when she spots the walker behind lee

    in the sewer out side verns pantry trying to climb the ladder but falling down when lee kicks the sign.
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    Speaking of Lee's dream, did anyone not fight back?
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    tried it as soon as clem is about to bite lee

    you get a game over ;) ;)


    lee wakes up

    or am i trolloling :D
  • the clem zombie
    opening the stall door and Danny being there with a shotgun
    the police car wreck
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    Let's see....

    In order...

    1) Zombie Babysitter in Clem's house despite KNOWING she had to be there.

    2) Danny's gun in the face... bah.

    3) Carley getting shot....

    4) Finding Chuck..... (yes, I actually jumped at this, but more in disbelief)
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    i forgot about the Danny and the shot gun.
    I dont think anything caught me that off guard. Freaking Kenny wouldnt stfu tho with his form of whispering? HEY CHECK THE DOOR . DO YOU SEE ANYTHING. HEY DO YOU THINK THEY'LL WALK AWAY IF I KEEP WHISPERING VERY LOUDLY? . just sit in the stall and you'll understand why he found u lmao
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    1 - Seeing Campman (Walkie Talkie guy) when you were digging that hole, it was all calm until that jackass dressed as slender man going to a strip club decided to scare me.
    2 - The walker in da shed, that shit made me and my cat jump
    3 - Animal cracka zombie in da car, ruined the mood, and my pants

    NOTE - I rarely get scared, #'s 2 and 3 were exaggerated.
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    When I realised my save data had been corrupted. It was down right traumatizing.
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    1. Shed zombie before getting the second tape. Scared me so much, dropped my controller.

    2. Radio guy watching you bury the boy. After the first shot showing the fence behind Lee, I knew something like that would happen, but it still got me anyway.

    3. Attack on Kat at the beginning of Ep2.
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    1. Cracker zombie. Oh my god, I yelled.
    2. Seeing campman. Wow, after several playthroughs my heart still seems to jump seeing him.
    3. Lee's walker. Q.Q
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    The ONLY time i legitimately jumped was in Episode 3 when you find the train. If you approach the front of the train VIA THE DRIVERS CABIN then that zombie will scare da crap out of you. If you approach any other way then you'll kinda see it coming
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    Scariest to least scary:
    1. Animal cracker scare, Fuuuuuck

    2. Digging the grave, seeing the creeper

    3. Tie between the sewer ankle grab and the surprise shed zombie.
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    dressed as slender man going to a strip club

    Sounds familiar to an earlier post i made. =/
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    Dildor wrote: »
    Scariest to least scary:
    1. Animal cracker scare, Fuuuuuck

    2. Digging the grave, seeing the creeper

    3. Tie between the sewer ankle grab and the surprise shed zombie.

    This exactly. Ive played through twice and that animal cracker got me both times.
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    Dildor wrote: »

    2. Digging the grave, seeing the creeper.

    Ok, something's wrong here..... when I read this, the first thing I had was a minecraft flashback.:eek:
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