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Anyone else eagerly waiting from next one?

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I cannot wait till the 5th. I hope they put into play soon and make season pass for number 2. I am buzzing with excitement. I can hardly wait.
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  • I can't wait for the story to end. It's going to be interesting!
  • I can't wait as well. I want to see if the answer I gave at the end of Episode 4 is the correct answer or would if effect me finding Clem.
  • I... Can't... Wait... Any..Longer...
  • i'll just throw this spanner in the works of this thread.

    after the emotional shit in ep3 and ep4

    i'm not that fussed about ep5 cos it's going to be depressing, sad, emotional and probably brutal.. gore ain't an issue though.

    when it's out i'll play it in one session then delete the game from my hdd but i can reinstall it from steam later on...
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    fusedmass BANNED
    Well it's first and we don't know the date. I sincerely hope they seriously consider working on a Season 2 right away. I know most people core gamer's are loving Max series. Isn't this what they wanted success?

    I don't know how it usually works. They're ablity to pump out content this quickly. Met with high demand making this game 1.7 in sales and I don't recall other games being in box at the store. I know people keep saying "they won't make any new walking dead for a year or more"

    I seriously hope that's not the case. They do a great job at story telling and when you hit a success you try to build on that. This is first moral choice I'm aware of. I'm into those kind games.
  • QuarterPounderVlad;711042 said:
    I... Can't... Wait... Any..Longer...
    and yet you are finding that you can.
  • The worst part is the wait for the PSN EU release. With a chance that it will be released after december 4th. urg.
  • HelloCthulhu;711718 said:
    and yet you are finding that you can.
    Well, Other games are easing my pain..
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    Profanity BANNED
    I sure they hope they take their sweet time with this one, I want the ending to the season to be the best it can be.
  • I'm kinda sad to see it end...I know there Will be season 2 but i Will miss all the characters...
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