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Surfin' Hardcover order and moving

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I've sent a couple emails to Telltale support about this and received no replies.

Your Telltale support issue has been received [issue-13243]
(From 5/16/08)
I found out I was moving, asked about a ship date for Hardcover editions of Surfin' the Highway and if it was possible to change the shipping address. No reply.

I got an email stating that my package had shipped on the 13th of June. Since I was moving on the 21st I thought I was in the clear. I was wrong.

My last update from USPS was that the book was picked up by a "shipping partner" on June 13th; most likely "Two Guys and a Stick" shipping as I've heard nothing about my order since.

Your Telltale support issue has been received [issue-13655]
(From 6/19/08)
It was obvious I was moving without my book and asked if anyone knew where it was or if it would be forwarded if it was delivered to my old address. I heard nothing.

My credit card has been charged and I have no book almost a month after it was "shipped". I have not heard anything regarding the support emails I've sent but saw some people have had responses here, so I thought to try this.

Now that I'm fully moved in, I'm ready to devote plenty of energy to getting my book.

Thanks in advance for any help or information.

Cpt Biggles
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  • We replied to both of your emails the same day you sent them. I'm sorry you didn't get those responses because we probably could have avoided this situation! It might be too late now, but could you check your spam folder? Gmail has a habit of flagging our personal support responses as spam (but not the auto-responses, go figure).

    I just checked the tracking and it's strange that there is no info after the book went out for shipping on the 13th. I'll contact the fulfillment house and see if we can track it down. Did you set up forwarding to your new address through USPS when you moved?
  • Thanks for your response.

    All mail has been forwarded but there's no sign of the book. I have seen this before where a 3rd party that is not USPS picks up an item and it disappears.

    I used a Yahoo address for the order and found no emails from Telltale in the spam folder or anywhere else in the account. I do have a gmail address, but I did not use that for my Telltale order.

    As it's "lost in the mail" I'm not sure what if any recourse I can take at this point.

    Thanks again for the help and I'll search further for the emails from Telltale support.

  • I have no record of any correspondence from Telltale on this issue. Perhaps something was on an auto delete but I have nothing from Telltale after I was informed that the book had shipped.

    This is the last piece of information I have -

    Electronic Shipping Info Received, June 16, 2008
    Picked Up by Shipping Partner, June 13, 2008, 10:59 am, EDEN PRAIRIE, MN 55344

    That's it from USPS tracking.

    Since I seem unable to get anything from Telltale via email, is there anything else I can do to get a copy of the book? My card's been charged and everything and I don't know that any of us can find it at this point now that the package has gone off the radar.


  • Don't worry, we're going to send you a replacement! I just wanted to see if we could track down the original package first, but our ecommerce partner isn't optimistic about that, unfortunately.

    I'm going to try to send you a few emails (to Gmail, since that's where you wrote to us from) - one from our support system (it'll be a reply to issue 13655), one from my personal email address at, and one from Yahoo - just to see if we can figure out what's going on with the email. Please keep an eye out for them and reply if you get them. :D

    Also, please send me a PM through the forum with your new address, so I can ensure we send the replacement to the right place.
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