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Is Kenny the true star of The Walking Dead.

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If you think about it how many decisions did you make involving Clem Before Kenny was in the picture? I think your decisions are not only shaping Clem but shaping what type of Leader Kenny will be when you die. Will he kill threats like the St. Johns? Will he be able to put down infected children and bury them? Will he be able to forgive betrayal? I think your Shaping Kenny more then you are Clem. What do you think?
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  • I think he'll play a big part if he comes with you. Possibly the biggest, given the history he and Lee have. Good or bad, it's still history. I don't expect him to survive though. He's so messed up, I thought he was going to commit suicide in the attic when I gave him the gun to deal with the kid.
  • Kenny is a secondary character to Lee and Clem, albeit a very good one. He stands out because he is the character who is most shaped by the story and the players choices. In my play through we don't get along at all in other peoples they are in a bromance with him. That is a broad and complex character to pull off and telltale should be proudest of him more so then Lee and Clementine.
  • IMO Kenny should be season Two's protagonist
  • This thread brings up a very disturbing possibility.
  • Kenny would be a terrible protagonist because a lot of people hate him, and even if he was loved by all he would still have an established personality. Lee was a blank slate which allowed players to map out his personality once the apocalypse began. Kenny has a defined personality, so any choices we make will be compared to his already existing personality, like "that's something Kenny would do" or possibly "Kenny would never do THAT!".
  • Unless they tried something very ambitious like linking Season 1 and 2's saves and tailoring Kenny's initial options/responses to how you shaped him in S1.
  • Kenny's a selfish piece of shit.

    You dont get to shape him.
  • DarcKage;717945 said:
    Kenny's a selfish piece of shit.

    You dont get to shape him.
    While I'm not quite so emotive on it - I do think that Kenny has remained pretty consistently self-serving throughout the game.

    I certainly don't like him as a character, and probably would not be keen to see him return as the main character in the second season.
  • Of course Kenny is the hero of TWD and I'm not just saying that because I'm a fanboy. :P

    I think making him a series 2 protagonist would be a bad idea though. If he survives it would be cool to see him again in series 2 as a experienced and tough badass.
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