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Am I the only one GLAD I...[spoiler]

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Didn't have to take Kenny with me? I keep seeing all these people like omg how do u bring him, and yeah. Why? The guy literally goes "Well, I dunno, it's not like you have MY back". Oh, sorry Kenny - I wasn't aware that the correct response to "some creep took my daughter is" "WELL IT SERVES YOU RIGHT FOR NOT ALWAYS HELPING ME".

Seriously, I JUMPED on the x button (which was "Go fuck yourself, Kenny" for me) when I saw that option. I don't want that broken down dipshit anywhere NEAR my team when everything goes down.

I really hope Molly reenters in the next chapter. Should be fun. But Kenny? If I get the choice of taking him out next on top of this, that'll just be the icing on the cake.
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  • Rommel49;694004 said:
    False. Kenny always abandons Lee atleast once; when saving Duck from the tractor he leaves both you and Shawn there. :p
    Really? Well i don't think Lee needed saving there, so he didn't abandon him. Plus he wanted to get his son out of there, I would do the same thing
  • Kenny is a survivor and he's by-far the most useful member of the group, excluding him out of spite simply means you're going to end up with incompetents who are more likely to get your ass killed before saving Clementine.

    It also helps that he's Lee's best bud in my playthrough :p. His reaction to showing the bite made me sad face and when he told me he'd be there for me--especially then--it made my crying worse.
  • Rock114;693988 said:
    Kenny's never abandoned me, we're best friends. I never even had to ask if he would come, he volunteered. He's proven himself more than anyone else in the group right now, but he's also the least stable. I'm glad he has my back, because I know that I can trust him. He's probably going to die in Episode 5 anyways, and since Lee is a goner as well I'm glad that my Lee won't be dying alone.
    This really.
  • I dunno, I always liked him, I think, and thought he was Lee's closest friend out of the group. But he seemed to be really petty and seemed to constantly dwell on seemingly minor mistakes I made, despite me siding with him on all of the really important things.

    But now, fuck him, I mean really. This shouldn't be about their relationship at all, it's about Clem.
  • There are at least two situations where Kenny abandons Lee.

    One, in the barn tackling Danny (if you didn't help him murder Larry).

    Two, in the drugstore- Lee is trapped under a door and Kenny just stands there.

    Kenny only has Kenny's back. I'm actually glad that he said that line "I'm a christian man", cause I'd never trust a religious son of a bitch in RL or in the game.
  • Kenny is dead to me.

    After all the shit i have done for him, he abandons not only me but also Clem? What does he have to live for anyway?
    i was always there for him and his family. But trying to do cpr on Larry and trying to get everyone together and alive made him into a whiny bitch.

    what a immense hypocrite....
  • Rommel49;694004 said:
    False. Kenny always abandons Lee atleast once; when saving Duck from the tractor he leaves both you and Shawn there. :p
    He abandoned Shawn for his own son. Lee didn't need help in the slightest, and then he saved me in the drug store (in both episodes 1 and 3), so I really owe him. And what better way than to repay him than have him go out, guns blazing, on a hopeless suicide mission?
  • Leave Kenny alone.He still lost his wife and kid...
  • I accidentally managed to get him to come with me. At that point I went back, replayed the scene and told him to fuck off. He's a liability, can't be relied on and is verging on potentially dangerous.
  • Kenny is far more useful than Ben, no matter what the circumstance. Even non loyal Kenny is calm under pressure and has killed walkers which is more than can be said for Ben. And loyal Kenny is just a badass :D
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