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Could it be possible that Lee was dreaming?

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I think they'll pull a trick on us
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  • The second season will likely focus on a new cast, or whoever is left at the end of episode 5. Or an older Clementine.

    Lee will be dead by the end of season 1.
  • Lee will be revived by the magical hobo that is currently in Heaven.
    You just wait.
  • Yeah, I thought he was dreaming until he got out of the house.
  • C`nr;717135 said:
    I don't see how they could do this then have a second season. It just wouldn't make sense. Unlucky but try again :P
    It´s simple. We kill the Batman Lee
  • I thought something was wrong at first when I didn't see anyone in the manor.
  • HiggsBoson2142;717628 said:
    I thought something was wrong at first when I didn't see anyone in the manor.
    right i thought they were like
    Kenny: well boat fits 5 and Lee just had to save (blank) so fuck it, Lee can stay. Come on clem grab the radio:p

    thanks kenny:)
  • It'll ruin the entire thing for me if TT writes off Lee's bite as a dream.
  • this game has nothing left when lee was thrown
  • Vainamoinen;717132 said:

    Telltale's narration is beyond such cheap tricks and
    Episode 3 and Clem-zombie anyone? :p

    But yeah, this trick may have worked that one time. Enuff z'nuff.
  • Come on guys.....There is the Walking Dead lore to consider here. The lore dictates that as somebody said above, there IS NO happy ending. Everyone dies.

    However, my take is this. Lee will survive long enough to save Clem and ensure her safety. He will go to his death feeling as though he atoned for his sins. We are yet to learn of his innocence or guilt in law, but my guess is it was a crime of passion. He'll see saving Clem as penance enough.

    I think Kenny might also bite the dust.
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