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The Game Review Thread

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Hey everyone, This is a thread where anyone can make game reviews. It can just be written on a post in this thread or it can be on a blog or it can be a video on Youtube. Anyway have fun :)
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  • DAISHI;707216 said:
    I want to get back to movie reviews.

    Don’t Watch This Movie: Paranormal Activity
    I agree. Don't watch the theatrical version, nor the alternate-ending version of Paranormal Activity.

    Buy the DVD for legal purposes and instead watch the actual Director's Cut of Paranormal Activity, which is currently only available via torrent. The order of events flows better and makes more sense, there's no CGI, and the ending is way better. How do you know if you have the right version? The director's cut's ending has police officers being shown.

    Paranormal Activity 2 is decent, while not quite as good as the director's cut of 1 (though much better than the theatrical version of 1).

    3 is crap. I promise you this.

    4 is also crap, or so I hear.
  • Chyron8472;707260 said:
    I agree. Don't watch the theatrical version, nor the alternate-ending version of Paranormal Activity.

    Buy the DVD for legal purposes and instead watch the actual Director's Cut of Paranormal Activity, which is currently only available via torrent. The order of events flows better and makes more sense, there's no CGI, and the ending is way better. How do you know if you have the right version? The director's cut's ending has police officers being shown.

    Paranormal Activity 2 is decent, while not quite as good as the director's cut of 1 (though much better than the theatrical version of 1).

    3 is crap. I promise you this.

    4 is also crap, or so I hear.
    I totally agree with you. That said, this review was of PA4. Don't know how the 4 got cut off.
  • Chyron8472;705967 said:
    Bloodrayne:Betrayal: I have the God of War saga. I want Castlevania: Lords of Shadow at some point. Why do I want to play this?
    I didn't even look into what this game was. I assumed it was a 3D hack and slash game like the original Bloodrayne, but apparently it's a 2D action platformer.

    So, maybe it might be okay.
  • Cloud Atlas

    “Our lives are not our own, we are bound to others, past and present. And by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future.”

    Have you ever watched a movie and, when you're leaving the theater, just said "Damn it!" to yourself? Not because you're disappointed, but because, in the words of Will Ferrell, you're "Mind Bottled", with all your thoughts trapped in your head like a bottle? Welcome to Cloud Atlas, my friend. From start to finish, this film is a quilt patched together from about five different storylines, three different major themes and a dose of confusion so heavy you'll be left wondering if you just attended a Mitt Romney seminar on truth telling.

    But seriously, it's easier for me to tear apart a bad film than to think on the merits of a film that aimed ludicrously high and occasionally scraped it, while also dregging through some of the pits of film making. Let's be real clear here, everything you might have heard is true. Hugo Weaving plays a typical bad guy type, in addition to an overweight, overbearing female nurse as well as a demonic leprechaun.

    You've also got Tom Hanks talking in an initially almost incomprehensible version of future English as well as a crazy Irish accent, among others. You've got white men playing Koreans, and perhaps more insanely, black men playing Koreans. I'm not saying you can't be black and Korean, but the ethnic jive here is just nuts. That's beside the point, though. My advice? Buy into the universe. Accept those elements are a commentary on reincarnation or reoccurring themes that everyone in life deals with. Because this movie has something to offer.

    First of all, the action, when it happens, is awesome. There aren't a lot of other movies where an action sequence will split between three or four different actions scenes occurring in entirely different realities. Off the top of my head, Inception is one of them. In Cloud Atlas, you have a futuristic laser battle parsing between a stowaway slave avoiding gunshots while a 1970s car chase goes down between elderly runaways steal a car. What the hell?

    The action scenes aren't just good. The story takes place over thousands of years, so you see boats sailing in the colonial Caribbean, mansions in old Europe, Blade Runner style future cities and a post apocalyptic Hawaii, complete with ships that look like they were designed by aliens and satellite communication systems that unfold like Lotus flowers.

    I have a quote at the top of this review, though, and it sums up the movie beautifully. I found myself quoting it last night, more than 24 hours after I'd left the theater. That's one sign, to me, of a good film. The film tells six separate stories in six separate time periods, but ties them together with the common theme that how we act and what we do can have repercussions on those around us, as well as those who come after this. Interspersed in all of this is the notion of reincarnation, that we live on. That's one reason you have actors taking on multiple roles throughout the film. The truly important notion, though, of how we affect each other and can resonate far beyond our lifetimes, is important. I have caught reviews saying that it's trite, and that it's played out. Well, played out to who? Don't we need reminding that our lives have an impact beyond ourselves? Don't new generations need to be told this? Yeah, there are some artistic choices that will bother people. The reuse of actors, some of the accents. They're unimportant to the main thrust of the film though. There's a story of lovers separated by disease and distance, of lovers separated by culture and circumstance, of people who loved for only a moment before being separated by disaster, of love separated by time and fate, of love separated by warfare, and finally love that brings it all to a satisfying conclusion. It's love and courage, recurring human traits in the face of recurring human evil, an eternal battle that never ends but is constantly waged. Humanity may repeat itself, in many ways and lifetimes, but the things we do can have an impact on those who come after, and affect whether they may triumph or not.
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    Jennifer Moderator
    Darth Marsden;706654 said:
    Adventure games? Yeesh...

    - BEN JORDAN: PARANORMAL INVESTIGATOR. There's like 7 games out, and they're all free. If you only look into one game (series), please let it be this one. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.

    ...and I could go on, but I think that's enough.
    Thanks for all the suggestions. :D I followed your advice above and reviewed:

    Monster Review 5: Ben Jordan: In Search of the Skunk-Ape. I loved it. The voice acting was pretty good for a free fan game (the voice of the protester wasn't). The puzzles were good, I really enjoyed one in particular at the end for going outside of the box. The story was interesting, it managed to mix comedy and serious tones well. I liked the Sierra-esque design choices, and the references to those games. I didn't like how the voice and subtitles couldn't be on the screen at the same time (you had to uncheck voice pack in the setup program for subtitles). Overall, one of the best free games I've played. 4 out of 5

    Monster Review 6: The Walking Dead: Around Every Corner. I really loved it. It does everything better than any episode before it. The action scenes feel more like part of the game and less like a mini-game, there's more exploring and more casual adventure puzzles, your decisions and actions in previous games matter here more than before, there's another life and death choice the likes of which haven't been seen since episode 1, the voice acting is great as usual, as is the graphics, animation, and sound effects. This is the best casual adventure episode that Telltale has ever made. 4½ out of 5

    I decided to continue my Monster Reviews until The Day of The Dead on November 2nd. image

    Monster Review 7: Doctor Who: The Gunpowder Plot. I really liked this one. The voice acting was much better (with the understandable exception of Arthur Darvill as Rory, as this was his first video game role), the music and sound effects from the television series were used to great effect in the game, the storyline was interesting, as were the two classic Doctor Who aliens (who were written true to their roots). It also had more adventure style inventory puzzles (although nothing difficult), and the casual adventure puzzles were varied and not monotonous. Definitely the best episode of Doctor Who: The Adventure Games. 4 out of 5

    Monster Review 8: Ben Jordan: The Lost Galleon of the Salton Sea. I liked it even better than the first. It's longer, the voice acting is slightly better, the puzzles are just as interesting as the last (and it has a few puzzles that think outside of the box again, which I liked), there's more music (since there's more locations), the storyline is interesting, and the characters are just as varied as the first. Like the first case, it's one of the best free adventure games I've played. 4 out of 5

    Monster Review 9: Maniac Mansion. The first adventure game I ever completed, and one of my favorites. I tried my best to remove the rose-colored glasses of nostalgia and review the game for what it is, flaws and all. I reviewed all of the versions in a mega review. Even though the fan made Maniac Mansion Deluxe slims down the interface, adds inventory icons, adds item descriptions, and removes a few dead ends, I still prefer the Nintendo Entertainment System version the best (despite it's censorship, although the PC version already had censorship over the original C64 version). The NES version adds additional ways to win the game. Plus, the music fits the B-movie atmosphere. The Deluxe version used the Day of the Tentacle music, which fit with the Saturday Morning Cartoon style of Day of The Tentacle, but just didn't fit with Maniac Mansion. The NES version played in ScummVM with mouse controls is the best choice to play Maniac Mansion, in my opinion. 4 out of 5
  • SiN Episodes: Emergence - 7/10

    Not entirely sure why I felt the need to play this, but I did and enjoyed it. Actually finished it this time too! Woo!

    It's not a bad game, but it suffers from a few problems. First, the action is far too repetitive. I know it's supposed to be the first in a series of episodic titles, but every firefight ended up going exactly the same way until the last hour, when the minigun enemies were introduced and I started swearing profusely because they took off half my health before I could duck behind cover. Fuckers.

    Second, the plot is confusing. You're essentially thrown into the action with no explanation of what's going on or why you're doing what you're doing. If you never played the first game you don't know who anyone is, and if you did then the re-appearance of Elexis and her sudden acquisition of a Eastern European henchman is baffling, as is your new sidekick who we're supposed to care about despite not knowing one single thing about her. The plot of the game eventually reveals itself to essentially be a retread of the one from the first game, but even then it's never actually explained - I just noticed it was as I was playing through.

    Third, the weapons. Pistol, Shotgun, Machine Gun. That's all you get. BORING.

    Fourth, it outstays its welcome. By about an hour, to be exact. Which is ironic, given the supposed episodic style it was intended to be. We go from docks to a factory to a lab in a boat(seriously) to a sky-high building with little breathing space. The preview of the non-existent second episode implied we'd be in the city, which would have been a welcome change of pace. Oh well.

    But overall, it's still a fun game, as all the SiN games are. And I still think it's a shame it never got to finish the story it started. But never mind. At least we got what we got.
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    Jennifer Moderator
    My monster review month is over, but I'm still playing the Ben Jordan games. I'm really hooked on them - thanks for letting me know about them Darth Marsden. :)

    Ben Jordan: The Sorceress of Smailholm. I really loved it. It doesn't have voice work, and the character portraits are a bit jarring in style after being used to the deluxe versions of case 1 and 2, but everything else about it is stellar. It had a longer story, less one-dimensional characters, challenging, but fun puzzles (especially the one that could be solved with or without the game's manual, that's really retro :D), theatrical style cutscenes and music, and multiple endings. This one's my favorite one yet. 4½ out of 5
  • I'm curious to know which ending you preferred.
  • RetroVortex;716811 said:
    I should really set the 'ol PS2 up and play that again. (Paradise was a bit disappointing in comparison)
    Chyron8472;716839 said:
    Because of what they did to crash mode, or because the path you should take during races isn't made clearly enough in advance?
    RetroVortex;716852 said:
    Both of those
    I played Burnout Paradise last night, and I can see where RetroVortex might take issue with it. Racing at break-neck speeds through a busy open-world setting can make for pretty frequent crashes.

    The game is seriously fun, though.

    My favorite car is KITT from the Knight Rider reboot.
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