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Game Recommendations

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This is a thread wherein someone who is in the market for a certain game or type of game can ask fellow forumites what they think. This is different from "The Game Review Thread", "Rate the Last game you Finished", and "Which Games Are You Currently Playing?" threads in that, in those threads you are critiquing games after you played/beat them, seemingly at random from a conversational standpoint.

In this thread, someone might be looking for opinions about a specific game or group of games in a certain genre, in an effort to know whether they should buy it or not.

The reason why I'm making this post is so that I can (1) purchase a game while knowing I'm not falling victim to overblown media hype, and (2) ask questions of the community about potential purchases without spending hours fiddling with the search function.
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  • Chyron8472;717432 said:
    Yes, but have you beatencompleted them all?

    I sense a backlog.
    ....Don't get him started on R&C 2 please.
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    I'm just here to say please try to playing Mass Effect 1 if you haven't played that game yet
  • GaryCXJk;717596 said:

    I've been looking for a PC game where:

    1) I have a ridiculously high level cap;
    2) Almost everything is customizable;
    3) I can manage an entire city, or at least a farm.

    Also, it should be an RPG.
    Fable 3 sounds like it might satisfy those requirements. Or it would, if it didn't SUCK.

    Let's see. Focusing on the whole 'managing a town' aspect, there's Hinterland, which is a party-based RPG based around town building that lets you develop your farmers into warriors. Here's a good review. By which I mean the review is well written, not that it's a glowing review of the game.

    There's possibly Majesty and its sequel, though they're less RPG and more RTS. Also in the same genre-blurring category is Towns, which was recently released and is currently on offer on Steam. Again, not so much an RPG though. Another similar game for the iPhone (and iPad, though it's not optimized for it) is Dungeon Village, which looks adorable.

    Those any good to you? The problem is when you start to include city-building or management, you tend to lose out on the whole RPG aspect, which makes finding things like what you describe slightly tricky.
  • Dungeon Village is awesome, I've played it on Android.

    I've noticed that Hinterland is from Tilted Mill, which is AWESOME, I love Sim City Societies. I also need to play Majesty 2, since that's coincidentally in my Steam library. Would you recommend a Majesty 1 purchase if I already have the sequel?

    Also waiting for my Steam key for Towns, as I already have it through an Indie Royale bundle. Can't wait to mod the GLOB out of that game.

    Finally, I'm not going to begin with Mass Effect, as this laptop is pretty shite.

    Oh, and also, with city building or management, it could even be as simple as the Georama system of the Dark Cloud series.
  • I only really know the games in passing, but since you've already got the sequel, I find it hard to recommend the first game at full price.. If it happens to go on sale though, then go for it, buddy.

    I had a quick Google search and turned up another result. Whether it's any good to you or not, I dunno, but I thought I'd mention it anyway.

    So, Tynon, a free online browser based game that tasks you with controlling a warrior rescuing her king AND building your own kingdom. Here's the blurb, which isn't actually on the site for some reason.
  • People should play Pong if they haven't already. It adopts a simplistic art style and leaves the backstory for the players imagination to create a truly immersive experience.
  • Ha, that reminds me of all the crazy backstories people have come up with for variations of Breakout.

    And in Sam & Max episode 106, the C.O.P.S. have an exciting backstory for their original game that looks kind of like Tic-Tac-Toe.
  • Have any of you played H.A.W.X.? (not HAWX 2)

    How is it on the story?
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    NFS MW2012 is really awful
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