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Question tht has been bothering me and probably others

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:confused:ok so i know tht all humans have the virus in their brains. but wht about animals! i mean... sence they were alive wouldnt they have the virus as well? because you NEVER see animal walkers and it makes no sense to me.
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  • Are you saying my dog can get smallpox? No, he can't.
  • Actually I'm pretty sure animals DO turn.
    I got no idea how it works but I recall:

    [Comic book spoilers]

    One of the twins killing cats and thinking it's okay cause they come back anyway
    [End spoilers]
  • It may have been a cat, but he doesn't use that reasoning then. Which was my point.
  • And he was a kid and didnt know what he was talking about or doing either time...
  • I'm pretty sure that Kirkman has confirmed that animals definitely do not ever turn. Besides, the comic is on issue 100-something. If there were zombie animals, we'd have seen them by now.

    Personally, I think there are actually two separate viruses at play here. One is the fatal virus that gets passed on through a walker bite - that might effect animals. The other is the one that all humans have that turns them into walkers at death - that definitely does not effect animals. There's really no reason to assume that the thing in the walker bite that kills you is the same thing that brings you back after you die.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Rick's horse doesn't turn in the books. Later on in the books you can also see walkers eating a deer in the woods and it doesn't seem to come back. The infection/virus/whatever/thing that brings you back seems limited to humans.
  • If other zombie animals exist they'd probably have all the same incpacities that human walkers have. Like being sluggish. Although there would a far bigger number issue, smaller creatures like rats could be hard to miss, bigger creatures like cows would be overwhelming by simple weight unless handled very quickly.

    Only one difference I can see between Romero and TWD zombies with regards to animals. Romero zombies outright ignore other creatures like they're invisible. TWD walkers still chase animals for their meat. Fortunately, even if animals could turn, they all appear to be too far devoured before that can happen.

    The EP4 scene where you dig up the dog was comical in a sense. If animals can't turn, then the only tension would've stemmed from being "ew gross". After 3 months the survivors were still unsure. The whatever infected everyone may not even be in the air/water/whatever anymore and the dog may very well have been buried before the ZA.

    If Kirkman intentionally left the possibility of zombie animals ambiguous, he's left it far too late to confirm them now.
  • Viser;714872 said:
    Following Kirkman's version of zombies (or Romero's, I don't know, please correct me if I'm wrong) animals are not affected by the virus or whatever causes it. When they die, they stay dead.
    The Cow that the zombie was munching on in the television show, right before Dale was killed. Hadn't it turned?
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