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  • The Zombie Diaries.... sucked. Avoid that one.

    Exit Humanity... while rather dry... is surprisingly good for a B-rated movie.

    The only ones that instantly spring to mind that haven't already been mentioned.

    Also, whoever suggested Re-Animator is the coolest person for the day.
  • Rammbock
    Dead Set (British TV mini series)
    Les Revenants (They came back)
    Night of the living Dorks (Not Great but entertaining)
    Children shouldn't play with Dead things
    Night of the Creeps (Guilty pleasure)

    Someone once said that "Zombies are the new Ninjas". In the 1980s Ninjas were everywhere, making their way into every movie and videogame. Luckily, I prefer zombies to ninjas.
  • Irishmile;529231 said:
    Dead Set is awesome..
    Thank you kind sir, downloaded this today and I gotta say it's waaaay better then I thought it would be based on basic info, only on episode 2 but loving it so far.
  • Just watched "Exit Humanity", its a zombie movie set in Civil War era US. Low budget, but very well done. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  • Was this one mentioned already?

    Land of the Dead, 2005.

    Dennis Hopper
    John Leguizamo
  • check out last of the living its a pretty decent zombie flick.
  • LikaLaruku;578376 said:
    I always got a kick out of watching the zombie half of Terentino's Grindhouse back-to-back with Zombie Strippers; hilarious fun time.

    Anyone else hate Zombieland? At least the parts Bill Murray wasn't in anyway.
    it bores me more than keeps me entertained. Focused way to much on the "love story" bit. Shaun of the Dead pretty much nailed how a zombie horror comedy should be
  • Not the greatest but worthy of honorable mention 1994 (Cemetery Man) aka Dellamorte Dellamore.

    An offbeat zombie flick about a grave digger and his side kick Nagi who work as grave diggers in a cursed cemetery where the dead come back soon after burial.

    Some funny moments in that one and one of the best depictions of the grim reaper I have seen to date.
  • might be worth watching out soon-ish maybe? World War Z http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDIrgwmc1rA
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