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Season 2 Ideas

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Everyone who reads this thread put a description on how you would like season 2 to make it easy structure it how i did to keep it simple.

Season 2:
Main Character: Donald Parker
Secondary Character:Clementine
Setting:5 hours after episode 5
Plot Description:Episode 1: Donald is part of a Bandit group in the outskirts of Savannah. His Father runs this group having lost his humanity early in incident, his group raids other camps kills the men, sometimes rape the woman and trade them and children off as slaves.(depending how the game ends) Donald and a group of fellow bandits happen to see a group of survivors they kill the men and rape the woman etc. Donald see a little girl run off into the woods he chases her down and catches her. After learning what had happened to this girl he confers her. She tells him her name is clementine. He takes clementine back to his camp. His father tells him that they'll have to put this girl on there slave trade and how its for the well being of the group he locks her up in a cage with other people. Donald then decides hes had enough and bust Clem out and they head on the road.

This is my start to season 2 i want the game to have a more darker tone than season one kind of comparable to the comics, i also want the game to explore how these things effect Clem. The only reason i included her was to make season 1 and 2 connected and to see how your choices effect her personality.(sorry for the grammar if theres any and the lack of effort on the episode one plot)
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  • Place: New Jersey
    Time: Beginning of the Apocalypse
    Plot: Two college students, Travis and Richard, have their late-night TV football game interrupted by the Dean telling the people to evacuate the campus. After many moments of near-death, the two are driving in a pick-up truck, trying to leave the most crowded city in the US, when Richard finds an odd bite on his wrist.
  • KingOfTheDead;718095 said:
    Why jersey?
    It's the most crowded place in the USA compared to the size of the state. Basically, more panic, more bites, and more walkers. Their first main goal is to get out of the state.
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