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Which voice actor delivered the best performance?

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  • Catedratico;715625 said:
    According to the wiki, Cissy Jones (who played Katjaa) voiced Jolene and Brie too:eek:. My mind has been blown. Katjaa and Jolene are probably the furthest accents away from each other that I can think of.
    yeah, but you wouldnt even think morgan, rick, or maggie from the walking dead would be BRITISH. at least i didnt !
  • Cyreen;716309 said:
    A weak performance would definitely stand out, therefore they are all excellent performances.
    There is one but it feels mean to even point it out, only to say no-one has voted for it.
  • to me "It's Over!" by Lee Voice Actor
  • Personally, one of my favorites is Kenny when you talk him down on the train: "There ain't no way this world lets my son live, when I helped put someone else's in the ground" and he kinda starts to tear up at the end.
  • i think it's when kenny finds out ben is responsible for duck and katjas death. There was alot of emotion in the voice actors voice on that one.
    Also if you threaten vernons group. Damn freaking Heartless/badass on Lees part
  • I saw someone threaten Vernon's group in their playthrough. It convinced me to stay on Lee's good side.
  • Although I do think that all the voice actors did amazing, I did favor Lilly most in the game with the voice acting for her. Especially in episode 2 and 3.
  • Where is Jolene?Her lines in that scene were perfectly acted.
    But,I had to vote for Andy. :) That voice acting in the end with that soundtrack were really emotional. :) Although,Kenny's yelling at Ben after he confessed his guilt was masterly done.
  • Araron;718331 said:
    Where is Jolene?Her lines in that scene were perfectly acted.
    Jolene's actress is Cissy Jones, the same lady who voiced Katjaa and Brie.
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    Kartal5 BANNED
    I always thought Kenny's voice actor did a phenomonel job!
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