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If you could have any character be your leader in a ZA?

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You're stuck in a zombie apocalypse, when suddenly, a hero comes and saves you. You quickly join their group. Who would it be?
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  • Rick or Daryl.

    While I am quite capable of leading, I'm just as happy to let someone else deal with the stress as long as they don't go off the deep end.

    Daryl is quite capable of leading, he just hasn't stepped up to do so.

    Rick... Rick is a decent leader, but he may be getting close to going off the deep end.

    My big gripe with Rick right now in the TWD shows is that they have been waiting too long to go scrounge for more ammo/firearms. Food, Ammo, Guns, and Medical Supplies should always be a top priority when the world has gone to hell.

    It is also a shame that they have such a small group because they really need to be working on better securing the prison setting up strategically placed defensive positions, and ZA/Human traps and bottleneck points throughout, have at least 3 exit strategies and rendezvous points so the goof up at the farm doesn't happen again.

    Rick needs to organize and he's not thinking ahead. That has constantly been his biggest flaw and it costs him group Cohesion. Glenn and Maggie (or Daryl) should be handling supply runs every other day at the very least.

    As it stands now, they have absolutely no hope of holding that prison when the Governor shows up and after everything that has happened, they definitely should know better.
  • I chose Rick, he has been a pretty steady leader and can think calmly in critical situations. With that being said I don't blame Rick for the failure of the group to find more weapons/ammo/supplies as a previous poster stated only due to the fact that until after Herschel's farm was overrun, the group made many choices by democracy as was evident when Rick said no more, it is now a dictatorship due to the many failings from before. (I didn't read the comics so I could have missed out on a lot more of Rick so if I did let me know)

    I also think Daryl could be a good leader I think the only reason he wasn't nominated in the beginning was because of his brother Merle and how he acted. Daryl shows forethought in survival/defense and is respected (since searching for the little girl for so long).

    I cannot believe anyone would pick Hershel yet as was evident as to how he ran his farm. Not only did he lock walkers in the barn and refuse to believe what was in front of his eyes (that they are dead, not sick) and that through all the time he had to fortify the farm and house, he did not. I like Hershel and believe he could become a leader in the future now that he has changed so much but I wouldn't have picked him earlier.

    And I loved the "They" pic with the bubble gum reference, it has been awhile since I saw that movie.
  • HiggsBoson2142;715731 said:
    "Unlimited ammo shotgun": *chuckled

    "Plus his daughters are hot": *completely lost control of self and fell down laughing

    True Story
    Mission accomplished. :cool:
  • I'm happy that I'm not the first person to have picked Andrea. I really don't like her in the TV show, but I think she's an absolutely fantastic character in the comic book. I stopped reading the graphic novel after issue 13 so i'm basing my opinion solely off of what I've read. For all I know she may be a complete ass in the more recent issues...or dead.
  • Maggie.
    Reason? She is hot.
  • After being rescued by a hero (whomever that might be), I would stay long enough to get my strength, make a plan, and then get away as thankfully as possible. I base my decision solely on the fact that I was getting some R & R after cleaning up that whole NYC Legend incident.
  • Bzilla56;718004 said:
    Yup, his dad was in special forces. What could go wrong?
  • Maggie.

    I'll do whatever she asks of me. <3
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