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Wreck-It Ralph

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I probably shouldn't be starting a new thread over a movie trailer, but it's such a freakin' awesome trailer, I couldn't help myself. This movie is going to be SO awesome.

Watch and squee.
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  • Anybody seen it yet? Thought it was good, or not?
  • I loved it. I thought the game cameos were handled really well, the fictional game worlds were well thought-out, and the rules of their universe made for a really entertaining story. I also thought the cast and the voicework was really impressive.
  • It was...okay? The movie is great for the first....fourth or so. If you've watched the movie trailers, you've seen pretty much all of the major cameos, the movie itself actually spends the vast majority of its run in the "Sugar Rush" setting, which is supposed to be designed like a Japanese kart racer but honestly just feels like somebody picked up a CandyLand board, said "Do that, but with these American brand candies we've licensed", and called it a day. Once the movie hits there, it gets stuck, and goes through some obnoxiously predictable storylines.

    Ralph becomes friends with a character with the intent of fulfilling some selfish goal. How do you think this will go? That's how it goes, complete with the "stop the movie for 20 minutes while we watch characters sulk for awhile" moment. Other than one well-done plot point which SHOULD be obvious but is integrated well enough that I didn't see it coming, every plotline in the entire film can be called as of a quarter of the way in, and the ride stops being fun. Silverman's character is one of those sidekicks that is supposed to grate on the main hero but ends up grating on the audience, the whole Sugar Rush world is as saccharine and lifeless as its premise, and the movie spends far too much time retreading old ground and explaining its rules so it can use them half a minute later to fulfill predictable by-committee plotlines, down to the big setpiece finale.

    The movie does some cute things but also does them somewhat inconsistently. Characters in the "Fix-It Felix" universe have limited animation frames, as though they're still sprites, but Ralph and Felix seem to fade in and out of it without much reason behind it.
  • I thought it got bogged down after Sugar Rush too, but I liked the characters and their relationships enough that I was able to look past it. The world itself was fairly lifeless though, to me, and affected my view of the film enough that I gave it a "B" in the end. I loved Sarah Silverman's character actually, because it's a reflection of childhood and inappropriateness that I think resonates. That relationship between the two of them builds enough that when the movie closed I was actually a bit teary eyed.
  • DAISH we already got a Wreck It Ralph thread.

    Edit:I will admit i'm pissed off that Disney decided not to release it in the UK until 2013!
  • ryannumber1gamer;718571 said:
    DAISH we already got a Wreck It Ralph thread.
    Much as I hate to admit it, Ryan's right.


    Would quite like to see this, but as Ryan also said, we don't get it in the UK 'til next year. See, this sort of shit is why I'm tempted to download the bloody thing rather than see it in a cinema. Why do they do this?
  • That thread hasnt been bumped in more than a month, but if someone wants to, feel free to merge.
  • I'd suggest a new poll entry - "I haven't seen it yet because Disney hates foreigners".
  • DAISHI;718577 said:
    That thread hasnt been bumped in more than a month, but if someone wants to, feel free to merge.
    I don't think polls can merge.
  • Darth Marsden;718573 said:
    Much as I hate to admit it, Ryan's right.
    I think i might have to put this in my signature :D
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