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I don't get it. I'm lost.

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I start to replay the whole TWD game from episode 1 - 4 on my ipad.
I saved Kenny's kid, kept katjaa and duck fed first, go against Larry, help him kill Larry, offered to kill Duck on episode 3 and killed Ben because he got his wife and duck killed. How come Kenny keeps saying that I am not always there for him? He's not willing to come with me? Why? I had been licking his shoes the whole day?

I can click the option that clem is like a family to me but I want Kenny to come with me without asking.
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  • it defo ain't

    i need you man...or go fcuk yourself kenny...

    i ain't tried the silence lol
  • Milosuperspesh;718499 said:
    it defo ain't

    i need you man...or go fcuk yourself kenny...

    i ain't tried the silence lol
    i need you man led to me saying go fuck yourself to kenny cuz i was havings choice saving probs so he screwed me even tho I shoulda been his pal (bro)
  • I click Kenny, I need your help. I never said go fuck yourself lol.
    He isn't coming since I have his back everytime.. He keeps saying up you aint been.
    Dude, I'm always there for him. I even kill that kid on the attic for him. Selfish bastard. Did he said he's a Christian? Whatever man.
    I felt like I wasted my time replaying it to get his good side.
  • TheNNerdGamer;718455 said:
    you don't have to kill ben to gain the bro speech.
    what about conversations with him and lilly.
    and leaving lilly on the side of the road.
    talking him down or fighting him at the train?
    Now I want to go play episode 3 and punch him on the face instead reasoning with him. Forget about apologizing to the fake Christian man
  • I saved Duck, helped him to kill Larry, sided with him when arguing with Lilly, told him about my past, didn't left Lilly, talked him down, killed Duck myself and saved Ben, and I got his bro speech.
  • what I can "translate" from his bro speech is that:
    since you've helped him a lot, he feels he hasn't helped you back so he decides since (if you showed the bite) it's your last day to live he wants to help you save the one thing you care about.... Clementine (some players might not even like clem)
  • You've been (doing what's right) which makes me wonder (if i should stop being a pansy because you didn't agree with me once)
  • Kenny is a victim.

    He consistantly chooses for himself alone. I don't like him one dang bit! He's two faced with no redemtive value.

    But the game says I must tolerate him.
  • ElricaK;719248 said:
    But the game says I must tolerate him.
    On the contrary, you do have the option to tell him to fuck off.
  • Now I know what i did wrong. I didn't tell him the truth about my past and no wonder he's not being nice to me. Blah. I will replay this whole game again
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