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The saddest Scene of TWD

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I have 2 saddest Scene's of twd that is: In the office of the drugstore and with that little kid in episode 4 that starved to death. And that sad music that they put in when they were in the office dude come on do they want to make us cry?
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  • gameaddictwn;712572 said:
    What happens when you lie and say yes?
    She doesnt believe you.
  • Sikory;712576 said:
    She doesnt believe you.
    thats what i did. same result but feels worse.

    i choked up and almost screamed 'noooo not clem, lee you frickin idiot!! ' i then offered a hand to her and she turns away and walks to the window seat..

    ttg owned it. (even though i hated the feeling)
  • I think Hershel's son getting killed because of you is pretty bad. Hershel was pretty torn up. Yeah, we didn't know him like we knew Duck, but once Duck had been bitten you knew his end was coming, but I didn't know there would be choices like the one with Duck and Hershel's son that I'd have to make so it was quite shocking and sad. Same with the Carley and Doug decision. Carrying that kind of guilt is sad! There's been a whole ton of sad moments though. The boy in the attic was pretty sad, but to be honest, by this point, with all the frequent deaths, I'm just glad he's too weak to lunge at me and Kenny!
  • the scene when lee is beating the shit out of andy st.john and everyone watches ( i agree this music "its over" intensifies the scene's mood), clem and lee holding hands when the others are taking supplies from the abandoned car, dropping ben ( this wasnt actually the choice i made, i went on youtube and saw what happens when you do drop ben. TTG made you feel so guilty by only snapping his legs and getting him eaten alive! again with "its over" playing in the back...) and clem crying towards the end of episode 4. poor clem :/ didnt mean to make her cry
  • It was hard to chose. Too many good people died. Though episode 4 with the zombie boy who starved to death really did make me tear up. You don't know his story or anything. Just that he was probably waiting it out or waiting for his parents to return.
  • Duck's death or Clementine crying.
  • Duck's death got to me emotionally. Here is this young active kid always wanting to lend a hand then gets bit and slowly suffers to the last breath. Watching him laying against a tree struggling to live and then passes away was just tragic.
  • 3. Shooting Andy St. John. Even more than leaving him. I just take a shot and he limply falls onto the ground to be no more.

    2. Kenny's Breakdown. When Ben finally reveals the beginning of Duck's and Katjaa's fate to Kenny, it just made me lose all hope. My two favorite characters turned against eachother.

    1. In the Meat Locker. If you turn off the music, and just listen to Lilly's cries for her dad before you decide who to help, it's just so sad and pitiful. And I helped Kenny...
  • No love for Mark? That really tore me up. I knew what I was going to find when I pushed that bookcase aside and opened that door but it still didn't prepare me for what I saw. Even worse when the poor guy drags himself to the doorway! I felt bad for him because he was so optimistic about the farm and it was the worst place for him. Even more so because it was just an arrow to the shoulder. He could have survived that, barring infection.

    I also thought burying the little boy was disturbing. I kept screaming "WHY ARE THEY MAKING ME DO THIS? GAH! THIS GAME IS MEAN!"

    I was also upset by a number of the other scenes brought up here. Duck saddened me because I was fond of the derpy kid. He reminds me of my nephew (and yep, he's dumber than a bag of hammers!) and he was Clem's friend.

    And Carley's death upset me in a different way because I was so angry with Lilly! Quite honestly, I didn't hesitate to leave her behind. She was unhinged.
  • 1. Duck's death. I don't see how he's annoying at all. He just has a stupid voice.

    2. Ben's death. Oh god, that scene. Definitely saving him when I get EP4.

    3. Chuck's death. Clem would have died if he didn't tell you to teach her to use a gun!

    4. Kenny's Breakdown. Ben, y u do that? He's already depressed enough.

    5. Doug's death. Carley just... died. Doug died saving Ben. What a hero.

    99999999999. Larry's death. Piece of shit deserved it :)
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