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Do you think TWD Game will have multiple endings?

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Of course Telltale said they had one ending set in stone from the very beginning, but I was hoping maybe their could be some variation to the end instead of just one point.
Like since Ben possibly dies in Episode 4, it would be a complete let down if he would be completely useless and just died. Most people want the guy to have some sort of heroic gesture. As long as the sotryline continues in around the same path they could get to that final point with different charcters and relationships depending on your choices.

Pretend the generic ending would be Lee being shot by Clementine while the survivors are around watching not only his death but the hoards of walkers. Depending on your conversations, Kenny could be crying at your death or be stone cold- even dead. Clementine would be strong enough to shoot you or have Christa etc. Omid could be dead due whether or not you went back for him. All non-mportant rolls can be filled with variability.

So something like the Carley and Doug option but it wouldn't carry on into Season 2. Telltale could do anything with that sort of thing.

What do you think guys?
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