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the carly vs doug choice

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im finished with episode 4 but title choice seems to confuse the devs..

considering u advertise her a person that knows lees past is one part but u say shes good with a gun

then u show doug with no combat skills advertised and is only good with technology

do seriously think this is a hard or even challenging choice?

the one with gun skills or the one without gun skills?

is what the choice comes down to whos ganna help me survive so thats kinda a hicup in the story imo

doug was a lost cause when u pretrayed him as the geek with no weapon skills
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  • I saved Doug because he seems like a better friend and overall person than Carley, and it's not like if you chose a person with no gun skills (He does shoot someone in Episode 3 though) it's game over, so I'm one of those people who are special :D

    NOTE - Doug fans don't whine every second about his death like Carley fans
  • You sir, are awesome.
  • xXNinjaScoreXx;718835 said:

    NOTE - Doug fans don't whine every second about his death like Carley fans
    Plus, I've never seen a Doug fan talk about how bang-able Doug was.

    Doug seems like he was a great guy.

    ... I kinda look like Doug. I'm just saying.

    I still picked Carley though lol
  • Both doug and carley are good characters to me.

    For me, carley had a gun as well as was a woman (allows repopulation once the apocalypse is's a normal thing to save the human race to put women and children first). While she did know your past she wasn't a bitch to you about it like lily, and while she seemsd a bit dumb (herpderp batteries) she could at least use a gun well.

    Doug showed to be very intelligent and clever, being able to even rig together a type of alarm system in episode 2. However for me the gun thing was a big deal. The group had few firearms themselves and wasting bullets to train someone to use a gun also didn't seem like a good idea to me. Especially without a safe haven like the prison or a moving train that walkers couldn't attack you on anyway. (With clementine at least we were on the train, and she's basically turned into your daughter at that point so it just seemed normal to teach her how to survive)
  • The only reason I chose Carley 2/3 times was because she was the only way I could reveal my past to the group.
  • Only reason I chose Carley was because she killed a few zombies. I think on my Doug playthrough he killed like 1 or 2 bandits. But when it comes down to survival Carley killed a hell of a lot more zombies than Doug did. That and Doug ate 1/2 the basket of biscuits in ep2 before he got back to the hotel. For that alone I am glad he died.

    When it comes down to morality and numbers.. Carley was a zombie killing warrior. While Doug was a biscuit eating selfish bastard. :) Glad he is dead.
  • Jake;717773 said:
    Based on the amount of time people spend talking about Carley on forums, I don't know if Carley fans have lives either...

    We're all hopeless!
    NOOO!!!! :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:
    hope has been lost :(
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    K0t0 BANNED

    you are all FOOLS. Tell me....when was the scenario ever...SAVING Doug or carley?

    *You all gasp in shock and your idiocy*

    Exactly *smirk*, you arent suppose to know that one would die, all of you who use the "X is more useful" argument are not allowed in this discussion, for you have shown that you have cheated.

    *Palm desk*

    So, we have established that the scenario is 'Who do you HELP'.
    *Final pose before victory statement that none of you can possibly rebuttle*
    You carley lubbers have stated "Carley is more capable than Doug"
    Well then...if shes more capable...*Points at those guilty of saving Carley*
    Then WHY did you help her instead of Doug??
    * You all gasp once again as I smirk, my victory theme plays*
    Exactly, if she is as capable as you say, then if you were a decent human being you would have helped DOUG, in your belief that she could handle herself.

    *Judge settles argument in favour of me, having pointed out your flawed arguments in one fell swoop*

    in closing, you cant possibly play Lee as a good guy if you chose to help Carley over poor lil Doug.

    The only people exempt from my epic pwnage are:
    1. people who were abled (i.e possess average intelligence) to already know my argument
    2. people who acknowledge that they wanted Doug to die without having cheated (a small minority of you)
    3. Those of you who admit that you chose to save her cuz she might bang you

    The fact of matter is, most of you only saved her cuz of tits.

    Game. Set. Match.
  • You kind of owe Carley. She saves your ass and clementines while all Doug does is keep watch and help you save that bastard Larry in the get the keys to the pharmacy quest
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