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What's the more human thing to do in this series?

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What do you think is the more human thing to do in this series? As a person with morals etc. have you

-Killed Larry with Kenny (Ep 2)
-Sacrificed Ben (Ep 4)

done any of this in the game?
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  • again another thinly disguised insult 'who thins/thinks as oh so intelligent'

    i did not put words in your mouth rach, that is how i perceived the comment and someone else pm'd me (thanks mal) about it so if others can see it it's isn't me who's to blame it is them for a failed attempt to circumvent the rules.

    thing is when have i refused help ? ben GAVE UP, when i have actually said i'm going to murder ben ?

    please tell me, as far as i know i have said why i wouldn't save him with reasons, to say murder shows premeditation, says i planned it, but i suppose cos he was at my mercy i chose the group over one boy, which is actually a morale decision in it's self like the needs of the many out weigh the few..
    hey rachel why so serious ?

    you speak of morals you speak of humanity and therefore by saying

    you'd leave me till last and then probably drop me/not save, pretty much nullifies the entire argument for saving ben..

    we know enough about ben through his actions, yet i am someone you don't know have never met, you think because of my way of commenting you know me ? and you'd just as easily condemn me ?

    but of course it's all down to not agreeing on something, i dunno whats more pathetic, the fact you seem to complain about me, say ignore me and yet here you again bitchin at me ?

    seriously rach give it up...
  • lol. Seriously, you have no idea what you're talking about. It's obvious from the way you keep referencing to things I haven't even said, and the way you say you haven't said something, even when I take your words and directly use/quote them. So yeah, no one would win a debate against you.
  • rachellouise85;719043 said:

    Btw, I don't think many arguments have been won by "your logic is bullshit". "you're stupid", "that's stupid" etc. Maybe you should work on your form.
    no they are won on the proof of bens actions, not gonna say them cos i feel if you ain't understanding his death count by now, you never will.

    i guess i got you mixed up with evin and sonny sorry about that, kinda hard when you 3 are all saying the same things it all gets joined up..

    i have no idea what i'm talking about ??! i played the game, like you must of done? are you honestly telling me ben has been a hero ? a man of action a man of amazing survival skills ? has laughed in the face of a rotting walker ? SERIOUSLY ?! wow rach omg wow..this is from a 'woman' who thought the station wagon we looted belonged to campman in ep2 ffs..LMFAO...

    viser yeah i hear ya
  • If we left everyone who's killed, or caused a death/s (whether directly or however indirectly). There wouldn't be many left. Not even little Clem would be innocent.
  • rachellouise85;719073 said:
    If we left everyone who's killed, or caused a death/s (whether directly or however indirectly). There wouldn't be many left.
    yeah and?

    sounds like ben doesn't it ?

    clem would of found the boat anyway upon exploring the garage, regardless of ben.

    hey you're honour i rest my case, on second thought,

    fuck it i'm done
  • That wasn't an argument for saving Ben, that was just pointing a fact out. Few,if any of them are/would be innocent if we're going through indirect causes of deaths, as well as direct.

    What sounds like Ben? I know, I was referring to Ben being an indirect cause, that's a point you keep using :/
  • Just imagine if ben didnt mess up watching clem
    they wouldnt have found the boat in the shed
    she found it when ben didnt know where she was
    also if ben didnt mess up and clem didnt leave the house
    molly would have killed lee
    just save ben
  • Milosuperspesh;719026 said:
    wouldn't pick you to be a judge either sonny jim

    besides it's you're...


    oh really rachel ? you'd let me die would you ? hmm a death threat ? you know thats not allowed on these forums ? even as a 'joke' ?

    i've just sent a pm to mod about that so i wonder if you'll get banned. since i was...

    maybe if you lived in the present with what ben had currently done and brought to the table which is not alot as cthulhu put it earlier, you'd realise that waiting for ben to change could take a long time ASSUMING you and the group could survive long enough to turn a boy in to a man..
    Well I never said I was.
  • The moral things to do in my view.

    Saved duck.

    Larry's character wasn't a threat to anyone but Lee, but his zombie was a threat to everyone, regardless of that, the moral thing to do in my eyes was to try to save him regardless of the risk, I am strictly against the ends justify the means.

    Took lilly with me because in my view its wrong to condemn someone who obviously is being overwhelmed with guilt and was already being overwhelmed by grief.

    Saved Ben because letting someone die over afew mistakes is vindictive in my eyes which I strictly disagree with, plus I love Ben.

    From my point of view allowing anyone to die when you could have saved them is wrong, or as Theodore Roosevelt said... you have 3 options, the first one is the best thing you can do, the other the second best, and the worst thing you can possibly do is nothing at all.
  • Killing Larry. Hopefully he was already dead and was about to reanimate and devour us all. Even if he wasn't dead, the risk was too great and he was unconscious and wouldn't have felt a thing.

    Ben on the other hand would have felt his legs break and then teeth sink into his flesh. And this is for making some stupid mistakes.
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