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Primal Carnage

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there is a game coming out called Primal Carnage that looks interesting. its just a FPS and it plays like Left 4 Dead, i'm not sure if it has a story mode (campaign) but it looks like a fun game. you can either play as the human hunters or the dinosaurs. The T-rex acts as the Tank from L4D, while raptors and other dino's act as the other special infected from L4D. as a fan of left 4 dead, i think this looks fun. its no Jurassic Park, but people were complaining JP wasn't a shooter (which i'm glad it wasn't) but if you wanted to shoot dinosaurs, here is the game for you.

forgot to add the link
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  • I have not even heard about this game. But after so many positive reviews, I think I should buy it.
  • Is this game online play only? If it is, do you have to pay a monthly fee like other online multilayer games?
  • Jurassic#2;676396 said:
    Is this game online play only? If it is, do you have to pay a monthly fee like other online multilayer games?
    So far, the game is going to be online multiplayer only, though they have ideas for expansions in the future. There will not be a monthly fee. You buy the game for 15 bucks and it's yours forever, in addition to free DLC packs in the future.
  • Cool! Thanks for the info, sounds like a great game already! Can't wait!
  • Everything I've seen definitely points to it being a great game, definitely one of the best dinosaur games to come out in a long time.
  • The game is looking awesome. I will surely buy it.
  • bloodkiller630;566307 said:
    here is a list of Prime carnage Dinosaurs


    there could be more, but i am not sure, the only ones i can think of from watching youtube gameplay footage, and recent news
    The only dinos in the game, as of now, are Tyrannosaurus rex, Raptor generis, Dilophosaurus, Pteranodon, and Carnotaurus. Iguanodon is in the game as a corpse for the dino team to feed on to regain health. The Compy horde class was temporarily removed from the game due to AI issues and was replaced with Carnotaurus. The first release of the game with be simply deathmatch, no AI in-game at all until post release. This also includes the human Pathfinder class's dog. However, any updates or DLC for this game WILL be free. I think it's a little crazy considering that the game is only $15, but that's why word of mouth is important. Get the knowledge of the game out there.

    Hopefully the game will be entering beta testing soon enough.

    Also, here's a sneak peek of the feathered raptor skin you get for pre-ordering, though the developers have made sure to note that the model and textures are subject to change.
  • This game is actually pretty fun... JP fans should check it out for sure.. its definitely inspired by the franchise.

    If anyone else has it.. my name is Irishmile on steam too.
  • I will point out, the game is very graphic heavy. Even on the lowest possible settings and using mods to get it lower, my laptop can barely run it for a few minutes before it blue-screens. But then, my laptop can barely play BttF with a steady frame-rate.
  • It looks very cool, but I know for a fact that if it isn't balanced or if the developers don't make a firm commitment to balancing it even after release then I know my friends won't touch it with a ten-foot pole.
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