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HOW do you want Lee to die (or live)

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HOW do you want him to live or die.
I want him to die like a hero
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  • I want it to be like Duck or Jim (TV Series). Either we get shot, or left. When I say shot, I mean I want to choose who I want to kill Lee. If any, it'd be Ben of Kenny. Or we could also get the choice to just tell the group to leave him there, like Jim.
  • Well, I'm all for Lee not dying. I'm still hoping that he can meet up with Vernon soon. With his medical expertise, he might know that chopping off a limb might save you before it's too late.

    If he is to die though, make him go out like him letting the rest of the group make it to the boat, while he ends up fighting with the horde of zombies onshore. Have his death be offscreen.
  • I hope Lee doesn't die, I'm still one of those people that believe it was only a scratch.
  • I'm also holding out hope for Lee to surrvive as long as the bite/scratch came from his watch or the cardboard.

    But if he does die I hope its he does ensuring Clem's safty or with his fingers wrapped around campman's throat.
  • how does anybody think it was a scratch?
    did yall not hear that disturbing *crunch* sound?
    and his face (not his hands) was clearly where he was BITTEN.
    Also i'm sure lees smart enough to know if or not somthing bit him, under any circumstances
  • I'm not sure, really, so many possibilities. I'm hoping Telltale surprises us.
  • Yeah well,
    I liked him, and I'd love to play with him in the next season,
    come on guys, we all know that this is not a joke, it is "The Walking Dead". So we should have prepare ourselves for all circumstances. I mean, they are not untouchable heroes or heroines. It is so natural to say goodbye to any character. The thing here is, how it will be?
    I'm on the side with all who thinks he shall die, but with an epic way.
    That's a game, and games have rules: If you are bitten, then you are done.

    Sorry but simple.
  • If it was a bite, Lee has to prove that he'll do anything far Clem, by chopping his arm off with a machete that's been left out for him. Then when Lee doesn't die, they learn how they can possibly survive a bite. I'm deciding to go back to denial and stuff.
  • Killing all zombies in Savannah and then when he becomes a zombie become their leader
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