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Decision making in TWD Universe

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Obviously everyone has their own take on making decisions in the game, for me I try to pick the best and reasonable decisions. And not to mention I tried to side with Kenny most of the time, I didn't like Lilly all that much.

How did you decide throughout the game? Did you make Lee become a asshole or a very reasonable character? I tried my best to make him a good character, at least be reasonable to the others, EXCEPT Ben. I disliked Ben. (I actually did another playthrough after beating all 4 episodes and tried to pick the worst and most harsh decisions for a humorous factor.)
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  • Played 4 times

    (3 good guys) 2 for team kenny - 1 for lilly. And one asshole lee
  • I completed the game 3 times. 3 times good guy Lee. 3 times team Kenny. I just can't force myself to be nice to Lilly and Larry... I'll try, But I can't promise anything :P
  • For Clem. Either whats best gor her feelings, or her survival
  • I had him do the right thing usually and try to keep people happy, obviously keeping people happy was tough one. and didn't usually work.
  • Tried to keep people happy, but if I see a threat to the group's safety I eliminate it. I took out Larry, Danny, Jolene, and left Lilly behind. Dropped Ben because I thought walkers would kill someone in the time it took to save him. In conversations I generally try to stay neutral, but my major decisions turned me and Kenny into bros 4 life.
  • I tried to reason with Kenny,but he never liked me. Since we met Ben, he's really the only one I looked out for other then Clementine. went kind of okay...that wad the first playthrough though. My second was being Kenny's friend (But I still looked out for Ben.). And my third....kind of a combination of the two?
  • All my decisions and actions revolved around what would be the best for Clem and the consideration of others was also thrown into it as well.
  • I had

    My natural playthrough
    My Carley playthrough
    My Doug playthrough

    After Ep 3 I had no need for character specific games, which is just as well because they got gamewiped by Ep 4 anyway. If I replay it again it'll be my "Screw Kenny" playthrough, I want to see just how much I can get him to hate me.
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