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Replaying Telltale's Game Catalog

posted by Jennifer Moderator on - last edited - Viewed by 4.8K users
I'm going to replay Telltale's game catalog, starting with their first game (Telltale Texas Hold'Em) and up to The Walking Dead (episode whatever is out when I'm done :D).

I'm mostly doing this to fill in the reviews on my blog that haven't been done yet, but I thought it would be fun to do for even the games that I've already reviewed and for the games that aren't adventures (which my blog doesn't cover).

I'm going to start Telltale Texas Hold'Em now and I'll post my thoughts about it once I've played through enough that I've heard the majority of the dialog. :D

If anyone wants to play along, and/or add your own comments about the games feel free. :)
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  • Abe Lincoln may be my favorite of all of the Sam & Max episodes. It's definitely when they hit their stride.

    "Don't feed the submarine."
    "What do you feed a submarine?"
    "Nothing, weren't you listening?"
  • I'm wondering if i should play S&M Season 3 again.

    Also Jennifer congratulations on becoming a mod :)
  • Another great review Jennifer :) I hope Strong Bad is next :D
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    Jennifer Moderator
    ryannumber1gamer;764660 said:
    Another great review Jennifer :) I hope Strong Bad is next :D
    Thanks. :) I keep coming back to this topic because at least a few people seem to like my look back reviews. :)

    I'm doing them in order, so Strong Bad is... 2 games away (or really 7, considering I'm doing each episode (other than the CSI cases) seperately). So, CSI: Hard Evidence (and I just realized I never finished the final case in that one since I only played it on Xbox 360 and the disc was too scratched to finish the final case), and the 5 episodes of Sam & Max Season Two, then Strong Bad.

    I'll try not to take 2 months between these look back reviews though. :p
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